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Disguised as “Skeena Strong” Dan Mesec (NDP) tries to pull off an all candidates forum.


Disguised as “Skeena Strong” Dan Mesec (NDP) tries to pull off an all candidates forum.


Dan Mesic who was acting president of the Skeena / Bulkley Valley NDP constituency association for Taylor Bacharach 2019 election campaign used a website he owns/created to try pull off a very slanted all candidates forum. Be aware Dan Mesic is also SkeenaWild’s communications coordinator. Just like Taylor Bacharach was former communications coordinator for the Sierra Club.


For those of you who visited his site, you might have noticed that almost instantly from the time an article is posted its has between 1 to 2 thousand views, all fake counts to make the website appear as if he has a massive following. All his posts are by the thousand or added a .5 to that thousand.  A sure sign of desperation when you have to report fake view counts to build credibility.



SkeenaWild is over 70% funded by American environmental extremists.


Thanks to the exposure that was provided by “Darcy Repen stands up for Rural BC” Claire Rattée wisely opted out of the debate, that had every appearance of being a setup for the NDP, who must be really concerned that there will be a political upset in our riding.


In spite of the 338 polls that we believe were pulled out of a hat, when any one of us does a random check, we have a hard time finding anyone willing to vote for the NDP. Grant you most of us asking are normal everyday citizens of our riding asking other citizens that question of who will you vote for.


Then you have social media, if there is any truth to the claim that social media dictates the outcome of an election, neither Justin or Taylor stand a chance in hell of getting re-elected, if you think I m wrong look at thier social media pages, they are getting hammered with people fed up with these socialists.

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