About Us

West Coast Outpost is a local website/blog that exists to fill the void created by the absence of genuine independent media. Today most mainstream media is subsidized in one manner or another with goverment grants. (See Footnotes 1 ) They no longer publish facts, they have moved into the realm of publishing their opinion of the facts, even at times they alter the facts to fit their agenda.





We exist on our own dime, unlike many others, we live here because we love the region, we are from the region, and we are going to stand up for those left behind by millennial madness and the takeover of the extremist left. We are not funded by industry, or political parties, just motivated by the not so common sense that seems to have become a point of extinction for many. When we say we live here, we don’t mean immigrated from Ontario to change our way of life here, I mean lived here as in 60 or more years, have children and grandchildren here.


We love the land, water, fish, birds wildlife and all of those living creatures we share this planet with, but we were born with brains enough to know where to draw the line on protecting our environment.



Yes we must protect our environment as we must protect our children, but as with anything humans deal with, you can also go overboard as these eco fanatics do on a daily basis.



“Heritage ministry added over 30 million dollars in ‘recovery’ funding to undisclosed media recipients”


“Publications such as Maclean’s, The Logic, select Postmedia and Black Press papers, Daily Hive, and The Epoch Times benefited from emergency funding the Trudeau government has provided during the COVID-19 pandemic. But the news outlets that received the latest round of tens of millions of dollars in 2021 emergency funding have not been disclosed to the public.”


“Some of the news outlets receiving funds in 2020 took as much as a 75 per cent wage subsidy for employees by claiming the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). Eligible employees were provided with a wage subsidy of 75 per cent under the CEWS, up to a maximum benefit of $847 per week. The CEWS is continuing to give financial relief to businesses until October. The CEWS registry discloses recipients but does not make public the total amount of money that companies receive.” (See Footnotes 2 )



Locally we have Black Press, provincially we have  Postmedia, then we have the extreme left wing like the Tyee, environmental rags like  former DeSmog Canada now re-branded as the Narwhal, then we have the Eco Fanatics like National Observer, who all have reporters wages paid for by the federal Local Journalism Initiative (LJI) (See Footnotes 3 )


In closing we would like to say, we know we are not perfect, you will find typo’s, we will on occasion be wrong, we will correct mistakes as we find them, but most of all we will don’t care if you are offended, if its the truth, if it is not, please let us know. We will do our best to provide you with our sourses of information by way of footnotes much the same way Wikipedia does it.


Our motto is we refuse to be politically correct, if it means living a life of deceit. If you like what you read here share it, if you do not like it, we are not the only website on earth, find another one.










  1. Heritage ministry added over 30 million dollars in ‘recovery’ funding to undisclosed media recipients
  2. Heritage ministry added over 30 million dollars in ‘recovery’ funding to undisclosed media recipients
  3. Local Journalism Initiative