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Nathan Cullen – Silencing Medical Science

This is another case of serious political overstep into the rights of BC citizens requiring medical care. Doctors and medical practitioners licensed to operate in British Columbia have been silenced by the NDP, but that’s not all, Bill 36 is the brainchild of the Minister of Health, Adrian Dix.  “Bill 36 was introduced by a multi-party committee and passed into full law this fall without much fanfare. Multiple health-care professionals have since contacted CTV News, and say the massive 278-page document sailed through the legislature with minimal efforts made to consult the people who will be most impacted.

In a very underhanded whisper campaign, the NDP in cahoots with Kevin Falcon’s UP (Liberal) party brought in a very evil piece of legislation, replacing medical experts with goverment representatives, to decide the medical policies that affect all of us.


“Nathan Cullen represents the BCNDP, he is part of the ruling NDP elite, we need him out of office, he needs to go, as in defeated in the next election.”

“NDP Policy is killing us, they are killing your family and mine with their hideous policies”


To fully understand the issue here as both the mainstream media (taxpayer funded media) along with both the NDP and its official opposition Kevin Falcom and his UP Party have been tight lipped regarding this horrible peice of legislation that puts all citizens of British Columbia into a new danger zone. Let me show you a few quotes from the video I will attach below. I know its a pain to watch, but its really an eye opening experience into what the NDP did behind our backs.


“Let me just add. when you go to see your doctor it’s between you and your doctor and and your family if you want them involved, but when a government or a politician decides what your doctor can say or do it’s going to impact your health,  and you know a physician works under the premise of do no harm and sometimes needs to speak out on something that they feel is harmful,  but if you’re being muzzled uh by the HPOA,  .. and it’s it’s happening if you think it’s not it is happening,  people are changing the way they’re practising medicine for fear of,  the repercussion of you know saying or doing the wrong thing,  and it that I think it’s sacran that the that patient physician relationship…..


We have a new hospital that was built in 2017,  it’s currently running at anywhere from 135% to 150% capacity,  we’re talking about probably two to three stretchers in hallways in every Ward at this point in time,  there’s nursing shortages,  and like we know there’s a difficulty in accessing GPS and the wait times have increased.  I want to talk very briefly about Tor Logan, a patient or person from Campbell River that pegged an open letter to Adrian Dix regarding her wait time,  she was diagnosed with stage four cancer and ended up going to the States for treatment she probably would not be alive today if she had stayed in BC.


Basically, so what does it do it gives unprecedented power to the Minister of Health and leads to government overreach in your health care, most doctors and nurses and healthcare workers and the public are still unaware that this bill has passed, so what does it do well let’s go quickly I’m going to go to the third Point here.


I’m going to talk about safe supply which actually I was quite shocked to find out when I was practising that it was actually a government policy and what has safe supply done well it’s actually uh caused harm in the community and as a physician I can actually talk about it uh but with this new bill coming through I could be a charge for misinformation meaning that I could go to jail or be charged $225,000 for what the government might deemed to be misinformation and let me just take an article that was written uh written in Campbell River mirror out yesterday about the RCMP um basically a seizure of drugs um which police believe uh 3,500 of the part of the drugs uh that were seized was 3,500 pills of Dilaudid and these the police believe the pills have been diverted from safe supply prescriptions.

Also see Fentanyl gummies, safe-supply Dilaudid found in Campbell River search




Back in January 2023 a Dr. Ingrid Pincott wrote the following letter in the Campbell River Mirror (Black Press)

Dear (Health Minister) Mr. Adrian Dix, Premier David Eby and MLA Michele Babchuk:

I am very concerned about the status of health care in this province of BC. On Nov. 24, 2022 you quietly stabbed health care in the back in the form of Bill 36, which was rushed through the approval process with little notice and no opportunity for the 24 professions to discuss or debate, as it received royal assent on the same day.

I am told the NDP government invoked closure at clause 233, leaving more than 400 clauses unread and without proper scrutiny. This is an egregious lack of transparency, no matter which way you look at it. I am writing to you today to reverse this piece of legislation and give opportunity for proper debate and discussion amongst the professions.

• I do NOT trust this government to appoint any of the Six Proposed Colleges without having the appropriate professionals on each board. I do NOT trust that this government will make decisions in the best interest of my health. Keep in mind the recent debacles with flu shot supply and withholding information about COVID deaths in children.

• I do NOT feel safe talking to my doctor knowing that the government could seize and copy my clinical records at any time! The government does not have access to my private medical records now. Apparently, my legal right to confidentiality, a sacred principle upheld by physicians for generations, is relative in the province of B.C.

• I do NOT trust government appointees being able to impose arbitrary conditions of licensure, restrictions on the ability to practise, determine who has good character and who does not, and mandate medical interventions including vaccinations of any kind.

• The health minister will have overreaching power in the form of a discipline tribunal, but what will warrant disciplinary action? Could being critical of the government or the College bring reprisals on well-intentioned health-care professionals?

• I do NOT want my government, or my doctor (or any other health-care professional), making decisions about my health care. After all, according to Bill 36, the government will have the power through the courts to compel a doctor or other health professional to comply with government direction. Should this not be an informed discussion between a patient and their health-care professional? Forgive me for not seeing where the government enters into the therapeutic relationship!

Bill 36 compromises my right to confidentiality, and it creates a climate of suspicion and mistrust between the government and my health-care professionals. The government has left it open to new regulations to be added to this bill without notice. Many of the terms in Bill 36 are not properly defined. I do NOT agree that the government defines what the term “misleading” means.

Even now, I know of doctors and other health care professionals considering licensure in other provinces as a “backup plan,” in case the current government’s need to control and micromanage health care means they can no longer practise in B.C. How is this going to address the healthcare crisis we now have in BC?

Mr. Dix et al: will you listen to the united voices of BC citizens and the health-care professionals standing united against Bill 36?

Please do what is right and reverse this egregious Bill 36 and contact their elected Member of the Legislative Assembly voicing your concerns.)


Wait – There is more…. you need to watch “Fleeing Canada to Save Their Lives”

Please understand while Nathan Cullen takes home his 130 Thousand a year that comes from your income tax, he supports this goverment polices that are killing us. We need him out of office, period.

Wait, there is more


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