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Thank you Jody Craven


Are you also one of the many people in our riding suffering from election hangover?


Well let me start with stealing a few quotes like “The most expensive cabinet shuffle in Canadian history, and the award goes to Justin Trudeau, or 60 million dollar rerun, or that was a complete waste of time.



Do the math Jody – You were Taylor’s insurance policy.



Now on a more local level Taylor Bachrach would have lost his seat to Claire Rattée if not for Jody Craven, Jody I listened to your speeches about splitting the vote, no matter how you cut the cheese, you took your slice out of the very vote that would have dislodged the NDP from our riding, how gracious of you. Its not like you can claim your supporters would have voted Green or Liberal, the PPC is PC Extreme and your efforts were rewarded with this outcome. Congratulations, you achieved an improved riding.


I know Taylor is far to bashful to send you his thanks, so let me say it for him, Jody thanks, we could not have won without you. (pun intended)


Seriously you hate losing to the Conservatives even more than you hate the Liberals or NDP? Actions speak louder than words, if you cannot own the ship, then sink it right?


Yep, its only politics so all is fair in love war and politics, so every time you see Taylor Bachrach stand up in the house as representative of this riding, remember to thank yourself and those you talked into voting for you. Years from now the only part people will remember is the winners, not the losers, so what did you gain? Your party split the vote all across Canada, your leader lost his riding, again and again. Your party did not get a single seat and ended up with 3% of the popular vote, even the Green Party in turmoil did better than the PPC.


And lets not forget Taylor Bachrach may have the most votes, but most of the voters chose NOT to vote for Taylor Bachrach.


I listened to your video where you kept repeating “We need to unite the right” so you say but in actions you split the right.


Then on the issue of vote splitting, you never once actually explained how you are not vote splitting, but instead used your time to come up with reasons not to vote Conservative, how is that uniting the right? Is your definition of uniting the right getting everyone to follow a leader with a history of losing? Look closely at the numbers above again Jody, did you really think that Clair should have brought her 36.2% of the vote to follow you and your 7.9% of the vote? Is that what you call uniting the right?


Reference your video on Facebook: 


So to sum it all up, it looks like your party is just another version of the Reform Party “extreme” that accomplishes nothing other than helping the left wing win elections.

This election as in the last, you proved the PPC to be only one thing, they are the spoilers that socialists love.


I do have one question, did you get any help from the the leftist Lead Now organization? It would have been in their best interest to do so.


Get this, your party leader lost his bid to become leader of the Conservative party, he could not except coming in second or last, so he had to start his own political party, Then just like your current leader you lost the bid against Clair in the 2013 election, you also could not except that you lost, so you jump aboard every ship sailing by. Let’s not forget you also ran for the British Columbia Libertarian Party as candidate for the North Coast Riding MLA in the last (2020) provincial election and only got 4.28% of the vote. That was less than a year ago.


Additional info: “Kitimat resident Jody Craven has announced he is now the candidate for the upstart People’s Party of Canada in this fall’s federal election.”His announcement comes just months after he unsuccessfully ran for the Conservative Party of Canada’s candidate for the Skeena – Bulkley Valley riding.


Rant Over – Thanks for reading.

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