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BC NDP the Theft of Democracy

BC NDP the Theft of Democracy
Can you imagine he said that? Few people I have ever had the displeasure of meeting have been as divisive as this man has been. His history of mocking and sneering at people is already well known.


The absolute gall of this hypocrite, who has a history of stirring the pot of race hate. (Image above)


To this day I have and may never get over how holding an election during a COVID pandemic would affect democracy so much. The NDP intentionally not only held an unneeded election, they deliberately held the rarely used card of having one a year before it was due, and did so intentionally using the pandemic as an advantage.


The problem does not end there. Consider that all parties were forced to appoint candidates, now means we have members sitting in the house, which were never elected by their own membership.


This is not democracy; this is abuse of power.



Take as example in our own riding, the BC Liberal’s did not elect a candidate, members were robbed of this right, because they could not meet to elect a candidate. (This will happen again if Justin calls a federal election) The BC Liberal Party appointed Gordon Sebastian, someone from the lower mainland decided for the people of Stikine-Bulkley Valley.


Unlike the NDP, they also denied their voters the right to choose, and compounded the abuse by appointing Nathan Cullen, and denying Anita McPhee, who by the NDP constitution was the legitimate candidate. (just Google her name and you won’t need my opinion to know the NDP broke their own constitutional rules in order to “inject” Nathan Cullen bypassing democracy.


All across BC, again due to COVID democracy was simply set aside and appointments became the order of the day. Has anyone looked at how many MLA’s today were not elected but appointed?

To suggest that the count of votes in the provincial election is valid is also a farce, yes legally everything was done in a way that did not break the law, but in fact it did break the spirit of the law.


Only 54.5% of eligible voters bothered to vote, the lowest number of voters in British Columbia’s history deliver a massive majority using the COVID Pandemic as a means to deliver their victory.


In the riding of Bulkley Valley- Stikine 7,234 votes were cast out of 14, 250, almost 50% of the people in Bulkley Valley- Stikine  did not bother to vote. Speaking to many of the elderly (people my age do that, as I am one of them) said they felt like they were in a communist country were they were told to vote for non-elected candidates.


We had a choice between one of two people who actually stand a chance of winning, the one stole the candidacy from a First nations women who had higher qualifications than Nathan Cullen, the other choice was a man with a dubious record resulting in being well known in the Smithers Courthouse.


The rest are wasted votes, so during a pandemic you expect us to stand in line (yes even the advance pols had lineups) to vote for two candidates, that were shuffled in without a citizens vote?


The low voter turnout was a clear message, that the people did not want to legitimize the vote by adding their name too it. I could easily give you 100 names of people who voted in every election held in Canada, but did not vote in the PANDEMIC ELECTION as they feel that the election itself was done with fraudulent intent.

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