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B.C. human rights commissioner – Unfit for Office


It’s extremely hard to imagine that we have a human rights commissioner in BC that uses her position to advocate for cutting the police force, and using the money to build affordable housing.


If BC needs to build more affordable housing, far be it from me to disagree, then make a budget and designate funds for housing. As simple as that, however if your suggesting we can operate with less police officers, show us the evidence first.


if your suggesting we can operate with less police officers, show us the evidence first


Kasari Govender goes on to say “The fight against systemic racism in policing should also prompt changes to both the Police Act and the Human Rights Code to ensure protection of those most vulnerable to discrimination


Whoa wait a minute, you were hired to enforce the existing human rights code, you were not hired to reinvent the wheel.


Kasari Govender said the homeless, Indigenous Peoples and those living in poverty have far more interactions with police, which should prompt the committee to recommend amendments to the Human Rights Code to give those people more protection and access to justice when dealing with officers.


Here is where I have another problem; we want to give more protection from police to the “homeless, Indigenous Peoples and those living in poverty” why? Should they be entitled to commit crimes that others would and should be arrested for but we are going to look the other way based on people being “homeless, Indigenous Peoples and those living in poverty


Let me made myself very clear, if the police are harassing these people, then yes, that needs to stop and charges should be laid against officers doing that. Now we have that out of the way, why on God’s green earth are we talking about defunding police? Why on God’s green earth are we talking about allowing a small group of trouble makers, and giving them a free pass based on Kasari Govender’s criteria.


Adding social conditions to the code would provide another accountability mechanism for those who believe they’ve been discriminated against by the police, because they are living in poverty, including those who are homeless,” Govender said.


Now the insanity does not end there, now police have to give a free pass to committing criminal activities based on social conditions?


Why are we so hell bent on being to blame for those who believe they’ve been discriminated against by the police? That is their problem; it should not be the problem that belongs to police or the public they are mandated to protect.


Street checks can and do result in harm to Indigenous, Black and low-income individuals in communities,” Govender said. “Street checks contribute to the overpolicing and disproportionate criminalization of those groups.


So she is suggesting that police, who are trained to find criminals and to prevent crime, are now being told that they should not be checking the very people that fit the criteria of criminal activity on the excuse they need to be exempted because they are “Indigenous, Black and low-income individuals”.


Street checks take a toll on a person’s physical and mental health and can impact their ability to pursue employment and educational opportunities,” said Govender.


Seriously we need to do more to protect society, it’s time we stopped rewarding bad behavior as a result of irresponsible ideas being put forward by people who should never have been hired on the public purse for the job they are doing.


In closing is it any surprise at all we hear “NDP legislature member Rachna Singh called Govender’s presentation “extremely powerful.”


These are the people who used COVID to get elected; is there anything they are not low enough to pull off? Would they all feel safer with no police at all?


Addendum: One of our readers sent me the following, a must watch video of excatly where we will end up if we listen to people like Kasari Govender. It should come as no surprise Google and YouTube want you to sign in before you can watch it. Find a way to watch it, it will blow your mind, its staggering and its the truth of where we go when we defund the police.


Here is a screenshot of the video they are hiding.

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