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Libtard Drone Rules are like getting a Mariners Master license to operate a canoe

Having recently completed a valid drone pilot certificate for a toy drone in my books anything under 3 feet sure as hell is not a commercial drone, but due to a few jack asses who abused their toys the Liberals simply did a knee jerk so high they need to have their teeth replaced. Yes if you fly 20 lbs of dead weight over top of civilized life then yes, you should have what is close to the equivalent of a commercial pilots license.



I was astounded at the level of ridiculous information people are required to know to fly a drone, much less education is required to fire a.50 caliber assault rifle, or if you feel that is a bad example, then let me say less education is required to drive a truck loaded 80,000 pounds including cargo through the dead center of a city.


I fully support having rules to protect people from flying drones into aircraft, but when you exaggerate the rules to compensate for a lack of rules or penalties, then maybe its time to have geese and ducks grounded till they pass flight school first.



Its time to toss out stupid laws and the stupid people who put them in, so let us not make the mistake of voting back our MP who does nothing to get rid of these insane rules.


So many Canadian consumers legitimately bought their products and now can no longer use them, few have the time, or even educational capacity to pass these tests other than those who might as well go a bit further and get their regular pilots license and fly the real thing.

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