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BC United – BC Divided

They say that those who do not know where they came from, will never know where they are going, be that true or false here is how I remember it.

Before my time, from 1903 to 1947 the province was run by either the Conservative Party or the Liberal party, the NDP did not exist, in those years they were called Social Democrats and in 1912 they for the first time actually had one seat in the house, but that was it. 1945 to 1949 there was a Liberal-Conservative coalition.

That coalition became the Social Credit Party that governed BC from 1952 to 1969, people were once again tired and wanted change, and waiting in the wings was the NDP.

This is where the media played the king maker role, be it right or wrong, genius or pure evil.

“A pre-campaign visit by Bennett and his cabinet to New Westminster turned violent after they were confronted by demonstrators, who injured eight ministers, a melee for which Bennett tried to blame Barrett.[2] Shortly after the Social Credit campaign started, Bennett was tricked into shaking hands with current Progressive Conservative leader Derril Warren in front of a photographer from The Province. After the photograph, depicting a smiling Warren and scowling Bennett, was published on The Province’s front page, Bennett spent the rest of the campaign antagonising the media, refusing to tell reporters where he was appearing.[2]” (quote from Wikipedia.

The NDP won that election with 38 seats in the legislature, Social Credit got 10 seats, the Liberals got 5 seats and the Conservatives got 2 seats. I mention this in order that you get a better idea of the so called left and right of BC politics.

The NDP under Barrett was a wake up shake up moment for British Columbia and its also where I entered politics as a young man, with bumper stickers reading “I can’t Barrett anymore” BC went into a frenzy to get rid of the NDP.

People are fed up, but this is not the first time in British Columbia, its also not the second, we did not have a trucker convoy in the Barrett years but the anger filled the hearts and minds of BC citizens.

The media did a great job of immortalizing David Barrett now that he is dead, its OK to stretch it a little or a lot, but I recall the hate then was somewhat akin to the hate for Justin Trudeau today, there was nothing good about the man that was not overshadowed by the evil in his heart. Yeah I know, breaking the dead man rule. But hey after building the tax payer funded BC Railroad over the top of frozen bogs only to watch it sink in the spring, and the infamous BC Police that were going to rule citizens, its hard to see the good in the man.


In 1991 the NDP returned to power and once again they were turfed out after two terms in office. This is where things get messed up in BC political history. The Social Credit party had so many (peoples names) that the NDP and its allies in the media could or simply wanted to slander that the best solution at that time was to create a new party without the stigmatism of what led to the Social Credit defeat. Sort of like the Federal Liberals and NDP are doing today finding former Conservatives to slander as their weapons of choice today.

The governing New Democratic Party of Dave Barrett was defeated after three years in government. Bill Bennett, son of long-time Social Credit Party leader and BC premier, W.A.C. Bennett, led Social Credit back to power, winning close to half of the popular vote, and a solid majority in the legislature. Voters abandoned the Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties as the centre and right-wing vote coalesced around Social Credit.

British Columbia during most of the years I was an adult, now more than 50 years was never really a socialist state/province. The socialists (NDP) ruled by default when there was a void in the leadership of a free enterprise party. For those who do not know the meaning of free enterprise it was a slogan for freedom as opposed to rule by elected government dictatorships.


For those who cannot remember, yeah even the media is complicit in hiding the truth, especially considering how much money they now generate from elected political governments. Bill Vader Zalm made the mistake of publically admitting he supported Christian family values in his decisions in government. Yes there were other issues, but that was the headliner followed by Bill’s Fantasy Gardens, that was more haymaker than a real issue. Well that gave media and NDP a field day in accusing the Social Credit party of shoving Christianity down the throats of its citizens.

“It would be fair comment to suggest the media has always had a love affair with slandering Conservatives and boosting, pardon my tongue “shit disturbers” and “extremists”, because they are money makers.”

Journalism has become the cesspool of information today, that is why most people go online to find alternative information. “On March 1, 2024, Canadian Heritage announced a $58.8 million investment to extend the Local Journalism Initiative for the next three years (2024-27) It’s also why the federal Liberals and NDP want to censor the internet, they want absolute control over society.. The NDP policies created with the help of the media that have created such an immoral society death by overdose and rampant crime has taken over our streets to replace Christian values. “In June of 2021, the federal government introduced Bill C-36, legislation meant to crack down on hate propaganda, hate crimes and hate speech

Despite it (the Christianity issue) being a load of hogwash, it worked to win the election and the NDP used every moment of its existence in power to make British Columbia a place where everything was geared to oppose Christian values. The NDP would turn big business on its head for not supporting them in elections, and crushed them with the deals they would sign into stone with aboriginal agitators. They in particular catered to aboriginals to hate Christianity, they loved tio implicate Christianity as the party guilty for all their woes in life. I don’t want to drift into very related topics but the internet is ripe with stories about suicides, dug over dose, tent cities, people starving, narcotics flaunted in parks and restaurants, it looks like a scene straight out of hell brought to you by the NDP. Then they want to label comments like mine as hate speech so they can silence those who dare speak the truth.

See Vancouver is Dying.

The NDP under Mike Harcourt Reformed the welfare system. (don’t you just love how it works now?) Resigned due to Bingogate followed by Glen Clark, signed the Nisga’a Final Agreement, continued welfare reform. Resigned due to the Fast Ferry Scandal and Casinogate.

This was the time when the free enterprise “freedom people” had to come up with a plan B.and somehow decided they could use the name Liberal Party as it was mostly vacated at that time.

Well with Social Credit gone and the religious neutral Liberals took their place they “ruled” under a number of leaders from 2001 to 2017, but it’s not where this story ends. There was this man called Kevin Falcon who kept running and losing his bid to win the leadership position for the BC Liberals. I highlighted ruled as differing from the traditional serving the people, that former free enterprise people supported.

When Christy Clark lost the election to the NDP in 2017, she gave up her position as leader of the BC Liberals and a number of people came forward to become the new leader. Keep in mind that since its inception back in early 2000 it was branded as a coalition of Conservatives and Liberals simply replacing the former Social Credit Party.

It appeared as if there were certain candidates who were very aware that they had no chance of winning, Kevin Falcon and Shirley Bond included, that if a man named Aaron Gunn was allowed to run as a Liberal leadership candidate, he would hands down win the nomination, so at their headquarters they hatched an insurance policy to keep the leadership to an elite bunch of has-beens who wanted to control the power, control the party.

I also want to add that among the many people I talked to over the years, there was a deep underlying suspicion that the leadership race was fixed after getting rid of Aaron Gunn. Remember well that when Kevin was asked if he would not win what would he do, he said he would quit politics, so it was clear from the start his only interest was ruling not serving. In service you would work for the people regardless of who was leading the party.

It was not hard to guess who would win, and or who would walk away knowing the newly hatched party could not re-brand itself and call itself clean. The party took its junk with them and went from BC United to BC Divided as now we are seeing the fed up members unite under the Conservative banner.

Its a bitter pill when you see the man who brought Carbon Tax to British Columbia parroting the Federal Conservatives, when you know its all about what is selling votes. The NDP might well win the next election or not, as the BC Conservatives are taking over by storm, and Kevin will play the role of vote splitter so if the NDP wins the next election in BC they have to credit Kevin Falcon with the assist.

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