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UNDRIP & Reconciliation are just NDP Haymakers

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.” ― W.C. Fields

Let me start with a confession here, having lived in the Bulkley Valley for many many years, I have seen many changes, I was working with our aboriginal neighbours (brothers and sisters) long before either Nathan Cullen, Taylor Bachrach had outgrown their diapers. Although many people see them as locals, they were to us local immigrants to the valley when they arrived. I do not recall either one of them every doing a job heavier than pushing a pencil and or getting paid to manipulate the people around them.

Now that we have that out of the way, we all know they entered a life of politics as opposed to a life of working and producing with ones hands. When I say that racism, race hate, race manipulation, is at an all time high, I say it with the painful recollection of how it got that way, why did it get worse as opposed to getting better? I won’t beat around the bush here, but getting elected had a lot to do with why its worse now than before these two came to our valley.

Unfortunately most people walked away from the problem as they would from an outhouse in early spring, so most locals only source of education on the topic of   “UNDRIP & Reconciliation”  comes from this pair of NDP members as well as their provincial colleagues.

I have to admit I had to dig through a lot of manure piles to find out what I suspected was the truth all along, having found it I thought it was critical that all of us living here in the north, needed desperatly to know the truth about the over played hand of the NDP and its manipulation of  ” UNDRIP & Reconciliation ” and see it for what it really is.

I have taken the liberty for education purposes to extract 2 clips from one of the most important interviews ever on the topic of  “UNDRIP & Reconciliation” by Ellis Ross, a highly respected aboriginal, Chief Councillor for the Haisla Nation,  Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for Skeena, and now the Conservative candidate to represent the riding of Skeena—Bulkley Valley in the House of Commons of Canada.

If you have time watch the entire interview, I will post a link to it below.

The first clip is about UNDRIP and why it is both unneeded duplication, and causes more confusion than solution. We are sure you will agree that both Nathan Cullen or Taylor Bachrach are guilty of manipulation of the facts to stir up racism in their local ridings.


The second clip is about Reconciliation and how these members of the NDP have been manipulating citizens to panic into race hate, when in fact there is nothing for our communities to reconcile,  “Reconciliation” is only about reconciling what is already on the law books.


Nathan Cullen has secretly been trying to draft legislation, about the NDP proposal to amend the Land Act to enable co-management of Crown lands with Indigenous nations on the basis of consent. How many ways can you spell the word deceit? If you cannot get consent and the project is therefore canceled or on hold, it is called “VETO POWER” also see (Vaughn Palmer: B.C. NDP quietly consult on sweeping changes to managing public lands)

As promised here is the interview in full, its worth the time to watch it, so these scoundrels can no longer pull the wool over your eyes.

Ellis Ross – UNDRIP not so sure

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