Nathan Cullen Watch

Nathan Cullen is on the brink of signing a death blow to the forest industry.

OBJECTIVE: Divide and Conquer – Device a plan to pit First Nations against non aboriginal communities and come up the middle as their Savior. This is Nathan Cullen’s NDP logic, plan and strategy. You have to give Nathan Cullen full credits for a masterpiece in divisive politics. Nothing spells divisive as much as taking away from one group to hand it over to another group, with the stoke of a pen in a plotters office. The justification is to convince non aboriginals this is all about carrying out his obligation to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples based on the Reconciliation Agreement assigned to us by the United Nations.

OK People, on bended knee we must obey our new sovereign master “António Guterres” A member of the Portuguese Socialist Party, Guterres served as prime minister of Portugal from 1995 to 2002.  Forget the Goverment of British Columbia, forget the Goverment of Canada, bow you knee to the new ruler of OUR land. Thanks Nathan, we appreciate your service to this socialist.

Seriously people, when did we give up our sovereignty to the United Nations, and if we did not why is Nathan Cullen doing “their” bidding?

Two B.C. First Nations are left reeling after the closure of the Fraser Lake Sawmill, which was announced by West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. on Monday. And that was just one sawmill, wait till Cullen closes all sawmills in British Columbia as per the wishes of the Sierra Club.


One could call Cullen’s plan “The Silencing of the Saws”, a masterpiece by Nathan Cullen, or the ultimate betrayal of a constituency founded on logging.

quote from Vaughn Palmer: B.C. NDP quietly consult on sweeping changes to managing public lands

The overseer Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship posted the call for submissions at Engage B.C. ( earlier this month.
The ministry did not publicize the invitation with a news release, suggesting the government is not all that keen to attract attention to the exercise.

The New Democrats are drafting amendments to the Land Act for introduction this spring. The Act governs access to and use of the 95 per cent of the province that is provincially owned, for purposes as varied as agriculture, communications towers and waterpower. The changes would allow the minister of lands (currently Nathan Cullen) to enter into agreements with Indigenous governing bodies regarding lands within their traditional territories.


What Nathan is doing is picking and choosing the voices that agree with his agenda, and call it the voice of the public, when its only one side that he wants to hear from on an already decided, full veto power for aboriginal groups to prevent any logging at all from taking place. In doing so giving them the ability to sell permission as a profitable commodity, what a joke! Indeed this will foster a lot of race hate, well played Nathan.


The object here is to allow First Nations the ability to “Sell Permission” they need contribute nothing, but the could in fact action off  “permission” to the highest bidder.. Consider that sawmills are already closing due to the high costs of logging due again to goverment regulations, this would be the death blow the NDP have long promised to the Sierra Club of the USA.

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