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Get politicians out of our wallets – bye bye Taylor

Polling has never been something I was a big fan of, but every now and then they can really be an eye opener. The last election was a pandemic election, it was great for MP’s like Taylor Bachrach and even Nathan Cullen, as it allowed them to win mostly due to people being more afraid of COVID than those preying on our wallets. Let me qualify that by adding the sheer cost of left wing ideology will be very difficult to pay for, the sum is so large even out grandchildren will be paying for what these politicians did to us.

Based on the latest polls for our riding Skeena–Bulkley Valley its clear everyone gets it,  97% of the popular vote goes to the party with no candidate, and all that is about to change.


Then to make it even more interesting, we have it via the grape vine, Ellis Ross plans to throw his hat into the Federal ring as the Conservative candidate for the Skeena–Bulkley Valley. Wait till the polls register that bit of information, as it will prove that all the noise made by the left wing radicals in our riding was all coming from just a few people.


Ellis Ross is a potential front runner in the Skeena–Bulkley Valley, is it grapevine or will he declare? I heard a bird whisper, that Taylor’s days in Ottawa are numbered.

One thought on “Get politicians out of our wallets – bye bye Taylor

  • Local constituent

    Taylor Bachrach you should have paid attention, you were so busy crowing like a rooster you did not see that carbon Tax caused the farmer to shut down the henhouse. To late now buddy, toast would be an under statement. While you pranced and danced on the taxpayers dime, you were too heartless to see our community was going broke thanks to your coalition with the Liberals. Recall how you crowed so loud about those evil truckdrivers in the Freedom Convoy? Court ruled it was an abuse of power, and you supported it. They you screwed all of us open with your coalition updates to gun regulations that hurt hunters and farmers.

    Court rules Liberals’ use of Emergencies Act was unjustified, unreasonable


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