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Eby and Cullen say suck it up, carbon tax is here to stay.

From the horses mouth this man wants to make make gas so unaffordable that everyone in the north will be forced to move to Vancouver and use transit to get food. Not only is it here to stay, you can expect they will horsewhip the electorate into compliance with their ideals, be sure they will own your wallet and your soul before they are done.

Question?  Are men/women elected to serve or are they elected to impose their ideologies on their constituents? Historically the NDP/Socialists have always been about centralism and central power so it does fit their profile. Somehow they seem to think they were elected to think on our behalf and we the people should obey on bended knee.

Eby also used his speech to more than 700 delegates from across B.C. to send a broader message about B.C.’s commitment to carbon taxation.  “Let me be clear, we will not back down,” he said. “God forbid, if the rest of the country abandons the fight against climate, B.C. will stand strong.”

God forbid? No he did not forbid, but not surprising for a career activist, one can only speculate at how many criminals are getting off the hooks thanks to his decisions in the past.

Eby and Cullen are not alone in defying the citizens of British Columbia the right to say no to carbon tax. Considering that it was Kevin Falcon who brought carbon tax to BC   “B.C. United, formerly the B.C. Liberals, introduced the B.C. carbon tax in 2008 under then-premier Gordon Campbell.Reference

On a side note the NDP renamed our riding to eliminate the residents of the Bulkley Valley, what is with this anyways 99% of the voters do not live in Stikine. We edited the following video to remove the ending, but the message is accurate, have a peek.




We elect people to represent us in Victoria, yet somehow they they think they won the lottery on tyrants that dictate. Is Nathan Cullen representing his constituents or is he subjecting them to tyrannical rule?  Nathan has already proven he is willing to cross any line to win, just look back in history  “Nathan Cullen came under some heavy fire, “over his plan to hold joint nomination meetings with other parties in Conservative-held ridings to avoid splitting the vote and potentially re-electing a Tory government in 2015.(Source)

It begs the question, will Nathan Cullen hold a joint nomination meeting with the BC United party to insure a Conservative does not defeat him?




A few facts about Carbon Tax, you should not simply believe me, check it yourself so you know its true. Carbon Tax started in Canada in 2007 its now 2023 so in simple math its now been around at least 15 years. In 2017 there were about 8 million drivers in Canada, The total number of road motor vehicles registered in Canada increased to 26.2 million in 2021, up 1.9% over 2020. So the point I am making here is the sheer magnitude of increased drivers also means  increased consumption of fuel equalling a massing increase in carbon use. So no matter how they baffle voters with bull manure, the fact is every year there are more cars and trucks on the road, almost all of them use gas or diesel. I have no plans to freak you out but you do need to understand we are 110% dependant on oil and gas. Lets look at the sky and sea. These aircraft use far more fuel and 99% of the cars and trucks on the road. Yet every almost every politician fly’s to and from the legislature. Now almost every product on a store shelf, food included. This is the real world, and in spite of it have a look at where Canada sits on this Carbon hysteria. The NDP in our riding is represented by Nathan Cullen, he is the one responsible to you high food costs, your high home heating costs, your ever increasing product costs as well as the insane prices we now pay at the pump. We do have an option though, its getting him and the NDP out of office.








Keep in mind when you see the aircraft and ships below, know that without them our store shelves will be empty.



Have a look at what is above us, its this or worse 24/7 days a week.


PROOF taht our cars and pickups or even our transpiration system is merely a political fly in an NDP Cesspool


This is the current position in the world of ships that run diesel or heavy fuel oil. It only takes 15 big commercial ships to consume more than all the cars in the world





“Pay close attention to the truth about carbon emissions in Canada, we do not have a carbon problem, we have a tax theft problem.”



The following is a video by Aaron Gunn, listen to what he has to say, then decide for yourself, in our riding we have no more choice about heating our homes as we have choice about eating, or driving to work or to see a doctor. Even Cullen is 100% dependant on fossil fuels to heat his office and to get to Victoria or visit members of his constituency, the only difference is we pay all his fossil fuel bills and carbon taxes for him. The most hideous part of what the NDP/Liberal Coalition is doing is robbing seniors of their pensions, and sending our children a bill even their kids will be paying for generations to come, it borders criminal intent. We need these vultures out of office, not a day soon enough. I feel so sorry for mothers and fathers now holding down multiple jobs just to keep up with the socialist raid on their wallets.  Be sure to read the following,




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