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Beer Tax 53.3 Percent – Thanks Nathan Cullen

Beer Tax  53.3 Percent – Thanks Nathan Cullen



The BC Government now has the highest taxed beer in the world, please feel free to correct me if you can find anywhere in the world that taxes beer more. They are also the highest taxed beer of all G7 nations consisting of  Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, as well as the European Union. As a point of reference, keep in mind the BC Government tax on tobacco is a grand total of 7% go figure.



Somewhere in all those giveaways the NDP made with your hard earned cash in the recent past, they never mentioned they were going to take it all back, but clearly they intend to. While other nations are making an effort to lower the costs of having a beer, the NDP appear hell bent on taking every dime out of your wallet that they can get away with.


About 47% of the cost of beer in BC is pure tax, but on April 1st (not an April Fools joke) a tax increase of 6.3% kicks in, making it the largest increase in over 40 years. Somehow it makes me wonder if people like Nathan Cullen think that you owe the NDP one beer for every one you purchase for yourself. I do not mean to rub salt in your wounds but Canadian beer taxes would be about 45% higher than other G7 countries on average. If you think that is insane, please tell both Nathan and his protégé Taylor Bachrach. (See Footnotes 1 )







What are your thoughts, do you think you should buy Nathan Cullen a beer for every one you purchase? As of April first even if he is not around to grab that glass of beer its going to be added to your tab. Can you afford to have the NDP in your wallets like this? Please understand that this is not the end of increases, add to these increases the results of the Liberal/NDP coalition that includes Taylor Bachrach who fully support the CARBON TAX increase that also kicks in on April 1st. (again not an April Fools joke)



Its not just the cost of making the beer that will go up, expect that every item in the grocery store will go up, and unless you ride a Bachrach endorsed bicycle, you will be paying for yet another massive increase in gas tax.



There is a solution.




  1. BC Beer and liquor tax will be over 50% on April 1st

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