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NDP’s unwarranted attack on the Salvation Army


Note as of today (12-05-2022) the NDP backed down thanks to a very annoyed public. I guess taking another black-eye on how to rule the citizens of BC was not something they wanted for Christmas.




This most recent attack on charity falls squarely on the shoulders of local elected  NDP members Nathan Cullen and Jennifer Rice.  They are our voice in Goverment and their silence equals approval for this latest attempt to out the Salvation Army.  In writing this let me disclose that I have never worked for or been a member of the Salvation Army but have donated to their Christmas Kettle Campaign.



The excuse the NDP use is this a management decision, they gave Salvation Army almost zero notice that this was coming, and claimed it would interfere with their own in store bragging rights about what they were able to raise, well ok I admit I stretched it a bit, but they are claiming it would overwhelm customers to have so many requests for donations.


You do not need to imagine this, because its already the truth, the BC Liquor stores are already the most profitable asset taxpayers own, they fleece you with a SIN TAX of 10% PLUS 5% GST PLUS Deposit 10 to 20 cents a bottle.



Both the NDP and management of all BC Liquor stores have known the Salvation Army traditionally always puts a door front kettle that collects money that always goes to give to the poor and hungry in local communities.  The BC Liquor stores were the ones adding a campaign and intentionally removed the Salvation Army, and there is to date no assurance that the funds BC Liquor stores collect will stay local.  We know from experience where the Salvation Army spends their donations, all local, we have no clue where the NDP Goverment will spend the donations and or on whom.  Likewise how many of us trust Goverment with OUR money?



Its both disgusting and immoral in my own opinion, because it fits their agenda of booting out, not just religion, but specifically targeting anything Christian, from a celebration called Christmas, celebrated by Christians.

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