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PacifiCan offices open in Prince Rupert, Fort St. John and Prince George

In the local media Taylor Bachrach, Skeena Bulkley Valley MP, said the announcement is welcome news for the North Coast. “Having a PacifiCan office in Prince Rupert will help ensure the opportunities here don’t get overlooked,” the MP said. More quotes from the same story. “Also publicized at the launch event was more than $3.1 million in PacifiCan funding for 13 projects in 11 communities across the north.” (See Footnotes 1 )


OK you got that 3.1 million divided up by 11 northern communities, minus a dedicated ““This includes over $2.5M for six projects funded through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF) and $588,251 for seven projects funded through the Tourism Relief Fund (TRF). These investments will enable the upgrade of public spaces and enhancement of tourism experiences in many communities …”


OK keep in mind that tourism is being run into the dirt on carbon tax….. pun intended.  Taylor Bachrach voted in favor of the Carbon Tax increases that are killing both land air and water entries by tourists, but he welcome those who come by electric cars, so the industry needs a whole lot of propping up is my guess.




Yes that inevitable word called “but” Taylor Bachrach fails to disclose that damn near everyone north of Hope shares the 3.1 million while south of Hope comes this quote  “PacificCan was created last year, when the former Western Economic Diversification Canada was split into Pacific Economic Development Canada and Prairies Economic Development Canada. More than $495 million of federal funding has been invested in 1,000 active projects in B.C., $129 million of which has come in the past year.” (See Footnotes 2 )


Wow Taylor, you sure negotiated a large chunk for the people up here in the north.


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