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Bachrach’s attempt to manipulate minors fails.

Bachrach’s attempt to manipulate minors fails.


For several months now Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Taylor Bachrach has been pitching the idea of lowering the voting age, not the age of consent, not the age of where you can be held to account for criminal activities as you would if you were an adult.


So it begs the question of motive? Do the NDP support lowering the age of adult court for crimes committed? I doubt it. Do they want to lower the age of consent? Well I seriously doubt they will dare answer that one, but who knows, has anyone asked Taylor if he supports turning these kids into full adults with all the responsibilities that go with it?


Now the voting age, why? First one must remember that the kids he is referring to are very likely going to school. They are being exposed to the BCGEU Teachers somewhere in the neighbourhood of 36 to 37 thousand teachers who all are members of the BCGEU and make up the single largest NDP support group, In Canada there are about 408 to 409 Thousand teachers who mostly support the NDP.


In a nutshell the NDP have the power to manipulate the kids in school, as they are well known to do. Just look at how much of their left wing agenda is being taught to kids all across Canada. The problem is once these kids grow up, they get to experience more of the story, so it begs the question of why they no longer support the NDP? So in order to be able to take advantage of kids that are young enough to manipulate, lower the voting age, it makes perfect sense even if the idea is abominable.


Clearly both the Liberals and NDP saw through this underhand scheme and said no to Taylor Bachrach’s attempt to manipulate the Canadian Election.

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