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Crabfest in Witset (Moricetown) and a crashed seafood truck.

Crabfest in Witset (Moricetown) and a crashed seafood truck.



Yes, summer is over and were back in the drivers seat, but summer did leave me wonder why everyone except the press could explain the biggest stink between east and west coast on the side of the highway just west of Moricetown (now called Witset) where police taped off an accident scene of a tractor trailer that crashed into the bush off Highway 16.


Here is what we gleaned from the grapevine, we still have never heard the official story, the RCMP did not reveal anything, and local news papers were far to busy supporting their own political agendas to bother with stuff like local news.


For more than a week, maybe weeks this semi sat behind police tape until it was reeking so bad you could smell it 10 kilometres away.


The first time we drove by it, it was a new accident, and police tape indicated that it had already been reported. A few day later when we passed by there were multiple police units parked there with lights flashing in a bad location in a bend on the highway. A few days later when we went by you could see a lot of open creates scattered around the truck, and still no sign they were going to clean it up, and also much more police tape.


A week or more later the stink from that location was incredible, even keeping windows closed and air turned off could not stop the stink from entering your car, and even when you opened the windows sever kilometres later, it was still in the air outside.


News reports? Absolutely none.


What we did hear via the grapevine is that there was a crab-fest held in Witset shortly after the crash and that it was well known around this little town that it all came from that truck.


What a waste of expensive seafood on the side of the road, and nothing from police or media as to what happened, why, and who store the goods, and why the rest was left to rot?

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