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Socialism and Carbon Footprint


Let me start by saying we need to hold the NDP, who represents us in Ottawa accountable for supporting the Carbon Tax, and its recent blatant increase. Taylor Bachrach voted in support of these hefty increases. The increase will amount to being around 30% in BC it will also equate to a record breaking 45 dollars a ton.


The current level of $30 per tonne (in the rest of Canada) of industrial greenhouse gas emissions will be raised to $40 per tonne starting in April. The price increase translates to 8.8 cents per litre of gasoline as of April 1, 2021


OK we all know that we face serious consequences if we do not stop climate change, let me quote Chicken Little ““Oh Henny Penny! Haven’t you heard– the sky is falling!”


Let us start with a trip down memory lane “Smithers Mayor Taylor Bachrach is among a group of municipal leaders calling on the B.C. government to increase the carbon tax up to $15 per tonne annually.” Apr. 7, 2016


And listen to this guy, only the small percentage of people who are already his supporters bothered to reply.  Its time this socilaist trickery came to an end with proven statistics, not a “take my word for it” that it happened.


Be sure to thank him for lightening your wallets, before asking him how the hell paying more is actually reducing climate change. He is claims that you and me we asked him to do this, be sure to remind him he was not speaking for you or me.



Is it a crime to lie to our parliament? You said “you asked people from our riding what concerned them the most? You then said a hugh percentage said it was the climate crisis. I am calling you out on this Nathan, show us you numbers, how many residents responded and how many indicate the climate crisis was their most important concern. Is it not a crime to lie in parliament like this? Is speaking in the house some sort of joke? A political game where any lie can do.



Taylor I say once again, show us the proof.



About 99% of the people in our riding, other than Taylor Bachrach who rode his bike to work when he was major in Smithers, the rest of us need our cars, trucks and yes gas powered transit systems to get to work. Now Taylor Bachrach flies a pedal driven jumbo jet back and forth between his Ottawa office and his offices in Smithers, Terrace and uses a Flintstones foot powered car to get around our riding.


Imagine this man as leader of Canada, he looks more like a terrorist fanatic in this photo. This man wants to destroy our Canadian Armed Forces.


Forgive my sarcasm; has anyone seen how much less carbon is being burned by the rest of us, while we fork out 12 bucks a tank more in taxes? Now please people explain to me how much less fuel will be burned by trains transporting our goods including food, please explain to me how much less carbon will be burned by transport trucks keeping food in our grocery stores?



Thank God, the Conservatives put forward a bill that was passed in parliament the other day that allows farmers to be exempt.  But not so lucky for those people delivering the goods, or the fisherman who put fuel in their boats, how do they operate using less carbon?


Now I know all our favourite places to eat, with only a few exceptions also use natural gas to run restaurants, now on top of being shut down, they will get the knife in the back with added carbon tax added to their monthly bill.


Please Taylor Bachrach please explain to us how we are saving the environment when we cannot live on using less fuel, unless we all stay home, while you collect CA$182,600.00 per year, plus a massive pension package so you will never have to live with the concern of food bills, roof over your head, or transportation costs. Not to forget that your trips back and forth are carbon taxed, and we the people paying taxes pay for it.


It reminds me of the saying “You got the gold mine we got the shaft.”


But then please remember, this is a norm in socialist policy, remember the book Animal Farm written by George Orwell who also wrote the book 1984.




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