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Dear Nathan Cullen tell me this is not true.

I am reading the news over a cup of fresh java, and I swear I am reading that the NDP, your goverment, is paying $327,000 for rooms that were built in 1910, that makes the rooms 110 years old, and you are buying them to house the homeless. In fact you are buying 128 rooms for $327,000 each.


Imagine this house is only $114,500 and its in your riding, so do the math, you could buy 384 of these houses for the homeless in Vancouver, if only you asked them if they prefer this over a room that is 100 years old, am I losing it, or have the NDP lost it already?


There is not a whole lot I could add to this, other than ask you if you and your party have lost their sanity?


Please explain to your constituents, the logic it takes to come up with a deal like this.

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