Atheists and Christmas and Religious Intolerance

 This article is another blast from the past, with Christmas around the corner the timing might be right for a re-write of this article from the past. The original article was posted on 2012-12-04.


As a rule, I try to stay off the topic of religion here, but people are so desperately trying to push other peoples buttons it’s time to speak up in self-defense.


It’s time to call a spade a spade.




One of the many hurtful things people do to each other is to try their best to stick it to those who do not subscribe to the same ideology or beliefs that they do, and based on what I see daily in social media few are more guilty than self-declared atheists.


Sadly they seem to come out of the woodwork ever more persuasively during Christmas, and often Easter as well. They are the worlds best at showing how Christianity and other religions are so horribly intolerant and can find quotes and images from all over the internet to make their point. If they can’t find something appropriate, they create the image.


They are so overzealous in their endeavours most religious people have become painfully aware that this problem borders on religious persecution. These people are obviously obsessed with their attacks on religion, it’s not just Christianity that makes it an objective to spew their hateful thoughts across as much social media. Still, there are so many stupid people, who repost the same trash, simply because it’s the in thing to do.


Recently I filed a complaint to Facebook about an image that depicted a man molesting a child, a disgusting and revolting act, however because it was attributed to religion, Facebook considered it fair comment. What Facebook is really saying is that as long as the attack is on religion, then graphic violence against children is permissible.


I completely understand that those who suffered abuse by any religion have reason to be a more defensive on this the topic, but it does not give them license to be religiously intolerant. Being a victim of abuse is not a license to be an abuser, and religious intolerance is the abuse of another person’s personal thoughts and convictions.


Years ago there was a saying, your rights end when your fist hits my nose, and if we matured as a society we also know words can be as wicked as actions.


I don’t care if it’s a religious organization, or if it’s not a religious organization, every group of people that has been around long enough has had “spoilers” within who committed crimes that were not only hurtful to those within the group, but were hurtful to people outside of the group.


You cannot fault a group of people for the actions of an individual, unless that group consents to that individual’s action, however that is not what religious people are witnessing today. Today they are being wrongfully punished by a group of hoodlums under the banner of atheism, unfortunately we don’t have laws in place to prosecute them.


Committing verbal abuse, is something that people do to people, it’s not right regardless of what social, political or religious group you’re in, regardless of where you place yourself on the human totem pole.


I never ever dreamed I would do a piece on this problem, until I was curious to see if I was the only one who was feeling like a victim of persecution. Then I stumbled across the following story, which was posted by an anonymous writer who tells a similar telling tale.


For what it’s worth, I included it below.



To all people of the earth, may I say Merry Christmas, regardless of your religious, or non-religious convictions, I say it wishing you Peace and Joy, and most of all Love.





“Atheists alike tend to pride themselves as being anti-religious; especially in the face of Christians. To them, religious institutions, particularly Christianity, are foundations of bigotry and social intolerance, and they seek out every opportunity to paint it as such.


Atheism is a mindset that replaces virtue and morality with self gratification and an inflated ego. Many atheists get to a point where they consider themselves to be Godly.


The typical atheist considers himself more intelligent than any religious person, almost to the point where he falls short of calling himself divine. He considers his beliefs superior to the beliefs of any religious person, and takes measures to force his opinions on to the religious communities around the world. To sum it up, the typical atheist possesses the mentality of “You don’t believe what I believe, and therefore you are an intolerant bigot, and it is my responsibility to force you to be tolerant by exerting my opinions upon you.”


This “exertion” can be see everywhere. In schools, science is taught purely with an atheistic observation of the universe, and to disagree with that observation is to fail the curriculum.


In the mainstream media, religion is mocked and shunned, and the religious are conventionally portrayed as dumb racist hicks living in the mountains somewhere.


But it gets worse, much worse. In other nations, where the government is run by atheists, religious symbols, as well as religion itself, is outlawed, and those who possess them are punished. You see, they consider religion to be evil, and have waged a world -wide Jihad against it. The Soviet Union was apart of this Atheist Jihad, and punished millions of religious people. Some were attacked, but millions were placed in concentration camps, where they met their end. It was much worse in China. Religious people, namely Christians, were hunted by the Chinese government. Hundreds of millions of Chinese Christians were brutally beaten and slaughtered in the name of atheism.


Atheist regimes throughout the 20th Century butchered around 100 million religious people. Everyone from Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Che, Castro,Ho Che Mein, Kim Juan Il, and others led the Atheist Jihad, and ordered the slaughter of millions, and that slaughter shamelessly continues today.


Is atheism the most radical form of Intolerance?”



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