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Charitable Status – The Most Abused Tax Evasion



When anyone uses  a deduction based on giving money to a charitable cause, they can deduct, a percentage.


In total that is $10.6 billion dollars donated by Canadians every year.  “Based on results.”


$10.6 billion dollars  Staggering number is it not?



‘Revenue Canada’s charities division says that the Greenpeace Environmental Foundation can’t be considered a charity because its activities “have no public benefit.”


Also in New Zealand “Justice Heath said Greenpeace’s political activities can’t be regarded as “merely ancillary” to its charitable purposes and that the commission was correct in disqualifying it for registration over the potentially illegal activities.”


Skeena Wild, Bulkley Valley Research Centre, Skeena Knowledge Trust, David Suzuki Foundation, Sierra Club, Ecojustice Canada Society, Canadian Society Promoting Environmental Conservation, Raincoast Conservation Foundation,, Ecotrust Canada, who like Greenpeace Canada “have no public benefit.”


These are just a few out of a list over over 100 protestor groups evading taxes and legally getting away with it. That needs to change.


Canada and British Columbia are far overdue to review just who is helping our country and who is hurting our country. 10 Billions dollars would buy a lot of much needed Medicare in a time when COVID is running Canada’s bank account dry. Charitable status was intended to be a blessing to those willing to give, not a curse by those wanting to destroy.


We now have millions of Canadians diverting tax revenue into protest funding, how incredibly stupid is that? There is something very wrong with a system that allows one group to escape paying taxes and use those funds to block another groups livelihood.


Demand better from our elected leaders.


“As a rule, at the federal level, your credit will be 15 percent of the first $200 of donations and 29 percent of your additional donations. The credit can reach under certain rules 33 percent if you are in the highest tax bracket. All provinces also have similar credits, which fluctuate between 4 percent and 24 percent.”


“When provincial tax relief is added, total tax assistance averages about 46 per cent on cash donations above $200” 14.70% in British Columbia.”



“You can claim the amount shown on your charitable donation receipt. The maximum donation amount you’re able to claim in a year is 75 percent of your net annual income. For gifts of certified cultural property or ecologically sensitive land, you may be able to claim up to 100% of your net income.Dec 2, 2019”

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