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Do not ask Taylor Bachrach about Carbon Tax or else …..

Was it a surprise, or was it no surprise when a number of locals decided to ask Taylor Bachrach where he stands on the issue of Carbon Tax.

Considering that there are ZERO electric cars on aboriginal reserves or aboriginal communities, and considering not one of the communities has an electric car charging station, meaning they are 100% dependant on oil and gas to get to doctors, buy groceries. Carbon tax obviusly is going to hurt those who can afford it the least.

Ok now we have talked about the minority in our riding, then we have the vast majority, how many people other than Taylor Bachrach can afford a brand new electric car?
Considering  Two-thirds of Canadians oppose April 1st carbon tax increase: poll  Its a fair question to ask why the people are being denied their right to choose.

So what happens when you ask the man who is supposed to represent us in parliament about Carbon Tax?

Taylor’s response is posted below. For the people, what a load of bunk, he is not for us or our riding.


Do NOT ask Taylor Bachrach about Carbon Tax or…..


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