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“United In Pride” or be damned

In a nation where we are all supposed to be able to have and share our own views, it seems as if the Smithers Pride Society has a completely different take on democracy. Not so surprising was once again the complete absence of the Interior News readership finding they could not post an opinion on this story, they were subject to a one way this is the only acceptable view therefore comments are not allowed.

A few important notes here, I challenge anyone to prove I signed that petition, and I will buy you a years supply of beer, now that’s Canadian eh? No I did not sign the petition and I have many friends who are gay, that also do not agree with the shove it down everyone else s throat. What you do in your bedroom is your business, not mine, and visa versa. I also do not condone churches that teach kids how to multiply, I am quite sure they will figure that out on their own.

I read “There was a stage show featuring local musicians, Drag Story Time and local vendor booths lined the block.


Then I read, and I want to thanks the Interior News for not covering up this part of the story ”

Earlier in the week, a petition was brought forward to Smithers town council, asking to not allow the Drag Story Time for kids in Bovill Square.

Ken Penner and Warren Vandenberg presented the petition with more than 800 signatures. The two spoke as a delegation to council on May 23 and said children should not be exposed to this type of sexualized behaviour.

Now despite 800 adults in a small community like Smithers signing the petition

“Mayor Gladys Atrill told them that any member of the commmunity can use Bovill Square, as long as it’s legal.”

“It’s our job to represent, as best we can, in a legal way, the entire community,” she said. “And so when people want to use public spaces, they are able to. People can use our public spaces, they have that right to do so whether their worldview is yours, or a different view.”



Then it was Sam Raven’s turn


“I do understand that everyone has different worldviews,” she said. “What I find, perhaps a bit unsettling is some of the rhetoric and the tone, because that can really push things and cause division. So if we come from a place of love and understanding that we can find acceptance, or at least find a way to coexist and learn from each other. Because I do think that everyone in this community has something to give. And we all have something to learn. So I fully support the ability for all groups to use Bovill Square.”


Now the clincher, you know the one that says, my rights supersede yours because I feel offended?

“Even if the petition was well-meaning, it has unfortunately made myself and my other community members feel even less safe. And so it’s unfortunate that in their attempts to try to create a safer environment, they have actually made it less safe for a lot of their neighbours, friends and family.”

Then this guy says something that really rattles my chain.

Smithers Pride Society vice president Perry Rath explained that drag performers tailor their performances to the audience.

“Queer people and performers care about children, they’re not out there grooming or trying to convert people. That’s just sensationalist misinformation.


I am not even going to debate that one, I will just fast forward to a suggestion.

While I love commemorating the contributions made to the town by people like Jack Bovil, I can say this, if its possible for the dead to roll over in their graves, there might have been a minor earthquake at the cemetery for the misuses of a mans name and character. So here is my suggestion , offer up the property to the highest bidder and let it come back to life as a business. I for one am so sick of what this very beautiful entertainment square has become.

It was a great idea, well intentioned, and would never have been approved if people back then could foresee what was coming, I am not referring only to this weekend, I am referring to people passed out on the stage, the site used as a staging grounds for people bumming money for those using the cash Machine on Main, the passing around of a paper bag with bottle inside, and a place to protest investors in our community. Enough is Enough, get rid of it.

Its become somewhat of a blemish on this town for everything Jack Bovil would not have stood for, baring a very few nice performances.

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