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Taylor Bachrach voted to shaft Skeena Bulkley Valley residents again.

Taylor Bachrach in a move of desperation to hang on to his job, he voted to stick it to the residents of the Skeena Bulkley Valley once again. They will hold the line to insure we pay them a pension for the rest of their lives, yes we will be stuck with the bill insuring a free ride for Taylor Bachrach on the backs of tax payers.

It would be hard to fathom that Taylor Bachrach is not aware of the polls dated March 17th 2024, he has a “no chance in hell” chance of winning the support of Skeena Bulkley Valley residents precisely because he has never cared about the residents, he cares about his own wallet. his own ego, and upholding his promises to environmental extremists. Its not just your wallet he is stripping, his history shows he has made an all out effort to destroy your rights to property, hunting, driving, our Medicare is in shambles, but we can we might get some free denal care to insure we have a nice smile on our deathbeds. But why would he care if he can acquire the gold plated pension from taxpayers?

The we have these headlines. (check the links below)

Poll says 7 in 10 Canadians are against carbon tax hike on April 1

Most Canadians want carbon tax reduced or killed: poll

The following is a tribute to what Taylor Bachrach is known for in our riding.

  • Taylor Bachrach thinks that if Canadians pay 500 Million in Carbon Tax and the Americans spend nothing, that we can save the world from Climate Change.
  • Taylor Bachrach thinks printing money is not theft of taxpayers dollars but a skilful way to take the value of your dollar to give to those to lazy to work for a living.
  • Taylor Bachrach does not care if Carbon Tax drives up the cost of food and medicine, clothing and everything we buy, after all he is floating in our dollars.
  • Taylor Bachrach thinks we need to pay more tax to get to work, to see our doctors, to buy groceries.
  • Taylor Bachrach voted to extend the Liberals term in office, then pretends he does not support them.
  • Taylor Bachrach wants to  establish a $1-billion watershed security fund to block all development that makes contact with our rivers.
  • Taylor Bachrach votes against hunters in our region and supports the Liberals attack on hunting rights.
  • Taylor Bachrach stands by and does nothing to stop the smoke from multi month forest fires in our area while accusing cars of producing too much carbon.
  • Taylor Bachrach voted against Bill C-269 in favor of dumping raw sewage, untreated waste water pouring into Canadian waterways
  • Taylor Bachrach’s on his own Facebook page bragging that he “initiated parliamentary hearings into rail safety in Canada” while omitting these safety hearings were actually a continuation of hearings that started in 2011
  • Taylor Bachrach wants to put the carbon train (Via Rail) as a priority over transporting goods in Canada, he wants to kill the industrial flow of goods in Canada.
  • Taylor Bachrach and his wife are both “Sierra Club Life Members” dedicated to the economic destruction of Canada, destroying the livelihoods of Skeena Bulkley Valley residents.


This coalition does not have a mandate, they created a false mandate by way of a coalition, and they are in a constant state of butchering Canadians and pillaging their wallets and income. Its Theft, but it’s legal theft and we have Taylor Bachrach both supporting and endorsing it.

“Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre pointed to a secret RCMP report while telling the House of Commons Thursday the cost of living is becoming unbearable for Canadians.”

The full story can be found here (Secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are)

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