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Time Change Again – Another NDP Scam

Are you one of the many people who are changing their clocks this morning, wondering when this insanity will ever come to an end?

A few thoughts come to mind as I sip my morning coffee, I have yet to fix my clocks, but its on my mind. Less than 6 months after asking British Columbia the question of keep or ditch the time change, and we all know the results of that were “93 per cent of respondents to a 2019 B.C. government survey were on board with scrapping the twice-a-year time changefollowed by the 2020 election, so it was a election ploy, deceit, pure and simple.


“The NDP scammed us to get re-elected.”

We keep electing the same people over and over again but expect different results?


Nov 06, 2021 – Early Sunday morning, British Columbians will once again turn back their clocks as they enter Standard time, even though the provincial government passed legislation to end time changes two years ago. More than 93 per cent of respondents to a 2019 B.C. government survey were on board with scrapping the twice-a-year time change and making daylight time permanent.



The government has confirmed it will introduce the Interpretation Amendment Act, which will pave the way for the long-expected move.
The bill will remove an existing law about the twice-yearly clock changes and name the permanent time zone Pacific Time.


Somehow I think it was one of those suckers sent out into the public to gain votes, because soon afterwards Premier John Horgan said he will wait for Washington state, Oregon and California before changing British Columbia, Premier David Eby, like his predecessor John Horgan, has said the change will only be enacted once Washington state, Oregon and California also make the move, to ensure B.C.’s economy is aligned with its U.S. neighbours.

Somehow this meme comes to mind when I reset my clocks this morning. Good God, what is wrong with us, when we need to wait for what the Americans will do, who cares what they do, this is not about them, its about us.

“Please take the time to tell Nathan Cullen that it is his job to represent us, and not the Americans on this issue.


End of Rant

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