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MP Bachrach pushes for watershed security? More wool over our eyes?

From the horse’s mouth “Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach has passed his motion with the Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development, calling on the federal government to help establish a $1-billion watershed security fund in partnership with the province and private investors.” quoting Interior News.

Getting serious, does he think this will even pass? Or is this more election fodder?

Control water and you control all development. The The BC Watershed Security Coalition is the dream child of the environmentalist inside the BC NDP. The Province of British Columbia (The NDP) concluded engagement on an Intentions Paper for the Watershed Security Strategy and Fund headed by none other than Nathan Cullen our  local MLA (see here)



This new “BC Watershed Security Coalition” would remain in control, even after an election that outed the NDP



So back to square one, this is all about he who controls the water controls all development.


Now about the Billion dollar slush fund, could you not inject that into better medical care for Northern residents? Read BC’s health-care worker shortage is hurting patients. Seriously Taylor, you are asking for a billion dollars for your far left eco warriors, but you don’t ask for a badly needed injection into our medical care? Pictures of news articles speak a thousand words about what you and your NDP cohorts are doing, and failing to do.

Nathan Cullen and Taylor Bachrach, get your priorities in order, and stop with the funding for your environmentalist buddies who end up using Tides Foundation funds to help you with your elections. You want a slush fund for your enviromental extrmists, but we just want basic medical care, but obviously that is not a priority to you both.




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