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Forgive me if I just do not get it, maybe its because I do not partake in the harvesting of certain magic mushrooms, or maybe its because I am not smoking the same weeds as perhaps others might be doing,  but I just do not get it when someone says they are concerned about my heating costs, but do not care if the other costs, like fuel and food expenses are bankrupting me.

Today my take home pension is only buying half of what it was before Taylor was elected, CPP is now only paying 1/2 of minimum wage and they have the gall to suggest that is OK for seniors but not good enough for everyone else. Taylor Bachrach earns (from our taxes) a salary of $178,900.00  a year back in 2019,  he likely makes more now,   the average CPP benefit in October 2022 was only $8605.80 per year, that’s only $170,000.00 less than Taylor makes, minimum wage is currently at $26332.69 per year.  Based on those numbers that Taylor Bachrach  is perfectly OK with increasing our carbon taxes, and who cares about home heating taxes?

Add that all up and it explains why Taylor Bachrach could afford to abstain from voting on the motion of removing to expand a carbon-pricing to all forms of home heating, and include the members of Bulkley Valley- Stikine. Maybe just maybe if you had to bike to work every day you might begin to understand why the people living in your riding are dependant on their cars and trucks, transit included all rely on fossil fuels.


What do we do with an arrogant MP that does not bother going to vote on our behalf in parliament?

We just had a vote in Parliament and Taylor Bachrach does a no show? Seriously Taylor?   Its our riding and you just denied the citizens of Bulkley Valley- Stikine the right to vote to pay less for home heating costs this winter. You who have the brazen gall to say “For the people, for the place” seriously? If we all were as entitled to use fossil fuels as you are, and forward your carbon taxes to the citizens of Bulkley Valley- Stikine it might have been less painful to know your sticking it to us again.

While you are so quick to blame peoples cars and trucks for carbon, you remain silent about how much carbon is produced by fires you just leave burning in our region, with total disregard for the carbon they pump into the air, then you have the audacity to blame our transportation and get a thrill out of taxing us even more for going to work in them.

Driving cars and trucks that run on fossil fuels is not an option for us people who live here any more than it is an option to heat out homes, you know that but obviously you do not care. You are the NDP the critic for Transport and deputy critic for Infrastructure and Communities. However you are so quick to jump on oil and gas (to grab money or to blame them for carbon) yet not a “bloody peep” from you about gas prices in Prince George being under $1.60 a litre yet the people in your riding are paying almost a full 20 cents a liter more, but you don’t care. It works out to about 20 dollars a tank full more for residents in Taylor’s Riding than it does for people living in Bob Zimmerman’s Riding.

Yes I am mad, rightfully so as are most of the people in our riding, have the kahonas to vote against the Liberal Party so we can have an election on the carbon issue.

Taylor Bachrach you did not even care enough to mention this, let alone do anything to help the people in your riding. Maybe its you who should try bike to work as opposed to jet setting on fossil fuel aircraft.

20 cents a litre cheaper in Bob Zimmerman’s Riding (Prince George)


The only thing you seem to care about is serving the Sierra Club that got you elected.




Let me quote “A Conservative motion to expand a carbon-pricing carve-out to all forms of home heating has failed to pass the House of Commons, despite surprising support from the New Democrats. While N-D-P Leader Jagmeet Singh backed the motion, Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet told reporters before question period his party would vote against it.

Pay specific attention to “N-D-P Leader Jagmeet Singh backed the motion” and then our MP Taylor Bachrach does a “no show” and abstained from the vote.  In essence Taylor Bachrach representing  Skeena—Bulkley Valley chose to let his constituents pay more from home heating to insure that his loyalty with the Sierra Club would not be questioned.



Unsaid for very obvious reasons is the cost of his idea coming in at 204.4 billion dollars. Average cost 15 thousand dollars, average saving per year 100 to 150 dollars. It will pay for itself in 100 years of service.



Then this same hypocrite says the following, screenshot from the horses mouth (below)  Now in Taylor’s dream world, thinks he can just send the bill to Oil and Gas companies, there are roughly 14.6 millions homes in Canada this year, so that bill would come to 204.4 Billion Dollars.

We have an MP that thinks the Oil Industry can take 204.4 billion dollars out of petty cash and insure we re-elect the idiot who made the claim.




I have a better suggestion, why not replace the burned out forests with money trees? I am sure Taylor Bachrach has plenty of seed capital.


Before I close I wish to bring attention to the numbers or the science behind so many false narratives people like Taylor depend on, they have so many people convinced we are on the doorstep to human doomsday with false narratives. Its not just those of us who are dependant on oil and gas that have an NDP/LIBERAL target on our backs, its farmers too, they want us to eat bugs because cows fart to much and is almost as much to blame for climate change as fossil fuels.



Forest Fires – NOT The oil and gas industry, read on…. “Forest fires in Canada have released 290 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, according to data released earlier this month. The amount is more than double the previous record and accounts for more than 25 percent of the global emissions total so far for 2023.” “As of 2016, Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions were 779 Mt of CO2e, comprising just 1.6 per cent of worldwide GHG emissions of 49,358 megatonnes (MT).”

So why do the NDP in BC choose to wait for winter as opposed to turning off the fires?


They need the fires to justify the raid on your wallet under the pretext of carbon tax.


So oil and gas combined only produces a small negligible portion of world GHG and or Carbon Emissions.


Carbon emissions are only a part or portion of Greenhouse gas emissions. So we are being scammed with the notion carbon tax will fix the problem, we happen to be one of the only countries stupid enough to pay it.



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