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Nathan Cullen leave our kids alone.

I recall years ago an elderly lady told me she always turns the news off before supper so it won’t ruin the family dinner. The more years that go by, the more I understand what she said is the truth. After watch or reading comments by our elected MLA (it makes me cringe when I say the part about OUR elected MLA) I will join with those who are fed up and want to scream, Nathan Cullen leave our kids alone. Let me explain.

The other day the leader of the provincial conservative party stood up in question period “John Rustad” on Tuesday October 3 rd 2023 (if I can read this social media exchange correctly. There is a video clip of John Rustad and Dave Eby responding, and the comments made by Nathan Cullen that read “ As a proud northern and a defender of SOGI I can’t comprehend how new BC Conservative leader chose to use his newfound position of influence to go after kids, teachers, & parents who are fighting to keep our kids safe, welcome & heard. Cheap politics of division and hate. #bcpoli ” below is the video.



You have to hear this from the horses mouth, when he accuses John Rustad of attacking a small group of kids, to make them feel less safe at school, play the video so you know exactly what Dave Eby said. Now here is where I am having a major problem, when we talk about kids, just who is gender labelling them, is it the kids or is it adults? Dave Eby does a great job of misleading those watching the video when he makes hay over a few points, in particular that John Rustad was a member of the BC Liberals when they introduced SOGI in 2016. The same party shows what they do when someone on the inside does not agree with them, they booted John Rustad out of the party for daring to, just as the now renamed Liberals under Kevin Falcon made sure Aaron Gunn was disqualified as a ways and means to get elected. What really bothers both Eby and Cullen is the opinion polls. See New poll gives BC NDP big lead, BC United and BC Conservatives tied for 2nd

Look at the numbers, staggering if you think about it, Conservatives tied with BC United(Liberals) They do this with only two seats, Rustad is one of those.





The following is (believe it or not) a quote from our BC Goverment website.

    • SOGI is an inclusive term that represents all individuals regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two-spirit, heterosexual and cisgender.
    • 19% of B.C. high school students identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or not exclusively heterosexual.
    • 1% of B.C. high school students identify as transgender and 5% of Aboriginal students identify as two-Spirit. 
    • In the past 12 months, lesbian, gay and bisexual youth were seven times more likely than heterosexual youth to attempt suicide (28% vs. 4%).

Somehow all these failed drug policies, never enter the equation, nor does it talk about kids from homes of addicts, homes where violence is a regular occurrence, the NDP whitewash the backgrounds of those kids they counted. But we are straying away from the real issue. Why on God’s green planet are we teaching gender diversity education in our schools? Why are we indoctrinating kids, then turning around and saying see! look at the numbers! 19% of indoctrinated kids now identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or not exclusively heterosexual. They are a product of indoctrination, no wonder these numbers never existed before the program was implemented.

I never had a problem with giving gay people rights, I do have a problem with them indoctrinating our kids then turning around making outrageous claims about protecting a small number of kids, this is the lowest and dirtiest form of politics by Nathan and his cohorts, using gender issues to divide society, just as they do with aboriginal issues, they intentionally create race hate, then paint themselves as the saviours of humanity. (with pensions lucrative enough to die for) What Dave Eby is trying to protect is how he is using our children to remain in power, divide and conquer.



Now here is the kicker “Parents of Kindergarten- to Grade-10-age kids can arrange for alternative ways their kids can learn things — particularly around “sensitive topics related to reproduction and sexuality” so your kids will automaticly be included, unless parents arrange alternative ways for their kids to learn. So were now teaching kindergarten kids to identify as something other than what exists between their legs? Seriously how do people determine the sex of animals? Is not the age old rule looking at what body parts they do or do not have? We don’t need or want schools to be telling our kids what gender they are. Leave our kids alone!

The following is blunt message, a really blunt message to the many adults who are messing up our kids.


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  • Anonomouse

    You really need to see the video by Tucker Carlson on this very same topic. People wake up, its not about helping minorities, its about empowering molesters.


    (1:11) Transgenderism: not a fad
    (2:49) Sex changes: a big money maker
    (5:44) Puberty blockers
    (15:22) Trans surgeries: the grisly details
    (16:40) Injuries
    (18:00) What happened to FGM?
    (19:00) Muslims & Sex Changes
    (20:15) Thanks, Obama
    (23:19) Behold the neophallus
    (27:23) Eunuchs
    (29:30) The Trans Pritzker
    (31:00) Trans Marxism
    (36:30) Who’s profiting?
    (38:10) ESG for trans
    (39:47) Long-term effects


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