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Make them choke on smoke – the new NDP Climate Policy

If you cannot get people on board with the new replacement for Covid, smoke them out, let them choke on smoke and blame it all on not paying enough carbon tax. Blame everyone who drives a car or truck, blame everyone who heats a home with anything other than solar or wind generated electricity. I fully get and support the idea of transit in the city, yet these jackasses we call politicians think everyone in BC should fund their voters. Its all about power, getting in or staying in power. So we need back to back emergencies to keep people from watching what these crooks are doing with your wallet.



so goes the new NDP narrative…


Nope, below is not the headline, that was last year, or one of the hundred years before the new rules that run goverment funded media.


Recall the days when Interior News was about the Bulkley Valley instead of the socialist left agenda? We need to have a local newspaper, that cares about local events. BTW did you see the headline about the Telkwa Barbecue? No problem, they did not have one either.

When the devil pays your bills, you post what the devil wants.



How is this possible? Unless they lied, and the vaccine is not really a vaccine against COVID, but an injection of some man made cocktail.



No more Bulkley Valley Fall Fair, no more Telkwa Barbue, just FEAR in the name of shoving the phony Climate Emergency down our throats. Get ready for the next major carbon taxes while we choke you out in smoke from fires. I wonder how many forest jobs were burned up as the NDP continue to decimate the industry?


We went from COVID Pandemic, to Climate Emergancy, to death by Carbon, what ever happened to the OZONE hole that was going to swallow humanity? If you have time read this “50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions” Its the track record of left wing shisters like Cullen and Bachrach. Did anyone ever calculate how much of your hard earned money is now in their wallets? If your not mad, you should be, unless you are one of pigs at the feeding trough.

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Oh Yeah, BC is burning, and the story is so important, that for the first time in 100 years, the Smithers Interior news featured forest fires  instead of the Fall Fair and the Telkwa Barbecue. As if this was the first time we ever had forest fires in our region. Imagine that, so out of touch with the community, they did a complete ignore of the biggest events that happen in the Bulkley Valley, they might as well change their name to the Prince George Gazette, its like we no longer have local news. Then in Terrace we get another headline, Skeena Sawmills has laid off most of its Terrace workforce as of Sept. 6, citing a shutdown due to continuing financial and operating difficulties. Seriously, we are now going to save our forest to create more forest fires?

Its a topic all by itself, how did BC become so insanely expensive to cut down a tree? Its all about robbing Peter to pay Paul, that lazy never working guy called Paul, a dipper, an NDP’r. And why does China hold the keys to a Canadian lumber company? It should be Candian owned, run by Canadians and we don’t need to kill the forest industry to earn a lucrative income from it, but as I said, another topic for another day.


Recall the guy they call Taylor Bachrach? And a group called Skeena Wild? And a this telltale gem “FORESTRY AND CARBON IN BC” If you smell a dead or rotting fish, follow your nose to the doorstep of Taylor Bachrach.

Before he became a federal MP he was running a company, and still does, its called Bachrach Communications. “FORESTRY AND CARBON IN BC” is a report written by Jim Pojar who loves putting the tag DR in front of his name to give himself more credibility. This report was publish by none other than Bachrach Communications AKA Taylor Bachrach our current MP that keeps the Liberals in power and as a typical opportunist, uses the position to extort policies the NDP want passed. But we are getting ahead of ourselves here, Jim Pojar is a long time radical left NDP’r and a member of the notorious Driftwood Foundation. They have strong ties to American Environmental groups like the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Gleaned this image from another website, and it sort of says it all, but there is more….. continued below the image.

The following was copy pasted from Facebook, regarding this very issue.


“If skeena wild paid Bacharach to produce this he took money from the U.S. to create a bad name for forestry in bc

Now he says he and other mayors support forestry

Pojar a retired forest service employee on nice pension.

Changes his tune on fire on Forest. He was always one who said healthy forest require fire. Date Creek research area has burned 2-3 times in past 400 years.

But Pojar followed the money coming from activism to form his new company and now spews environmental crap.

He’s on full pension PEA union.

My pet peeve is again hypocrisy.

Make a living on forestry helping I’m sure Chief forester set AAC ( sustainable harvest rates)

Then retires and I’m sure gets recruited by Shannon McPhail. Shannon Gene Allen daughter. Runs Skeena Wild I’m thinking funded by US.

Her dad logged out Kispiox Valley. Owns operates bear claw lodge. Skeena heli skiing.

Bringing in oil execs from US and others all flying into Smithers. Then the clients are bused 68km to lodge to jump in 4 helicopters flying all day.

They biggest hypocrites and have agreement w chief Lattie Gitxsan. They pay her well as you can imagine to run operate fish guiding heli skiing trail riding Quads horses etc.”


One thing we can say is that long before the forest fires of 2023, the people and groups mentioned above were doing their level best to kill the forest industry.



Its clear that Taylor Bachrach is a hard core environmental extremist, so with that in mind, we do not elect MP’s in other riding’s so when we talk about carbon, or climate change, or hoaxes, we need to be talking about our back yard, not our neighbours. That said I don’t ever recall the smoke from cars trucks, planes and trains ever being as heavy as wild fires that are intentionally left burning because its cheaper to let them burn out on their own. Seriously people the four fires that have been choking us out in the Skeena—Bulkley Valley are the Houston fires that has been burning, and left to smoke and choke has been burning since July, let me repeat since JULY. Its unadulterated bull crap to suggest leaving them burning is the right thing to do? What about Taylor Bachrach’s “FORESTRY AND CARBON IN BC“?

Moricetown (Witeset) –  JOHN BROWN CREEK – Monday, July 10, 2023 at 4:33:11 PM
North of Smithers –  HOLLAND LAKE – Tuesday, July 11, 2023 at 10:14:57 PM
Houston – OLD MAN LAKE – Friday, July 7, 2023 at 8:45:59 PM and PEACOCK CREEK – Thursday, July 6, 2023 at 10:16:34 PM




These fires put more carbon into the air in one day than all of the carbon put into the air by OIL AND GAS combined in British Columbia for a whole year.

They might want you to think were close to taking our last breath before the world dies around us, yet Canada puts less carbon into the air compared to the entire world, more like a half of a droplet in the entire bucket. The whole emergency thing is a ways and means to control humans, and their wallets.





Oh dear? What about the claim we do not have the resources? The resources for what, what about the millions of pieces of logging equipment sitting around rusting due to saving the timber to burn as wild fires? What about all the water bombers contracted out of province, because the NDP were to busy investing in eco stupid ideas? We have money for so many things, especially for those who contribute nothing to our society, yet they gravitate to BC thanks to British Columbia as the breeding grounds for illicit drugs, that in turn cause domestic violence, so we invest millions if not billions more cleaning up and repairing damage that should never have occurred in the first place. Watch Vancouver is Dying, we allowed the NDP to use our tax dollars to create this mess. No less stunning is Canada is Dying thanks to Taylor Bachrach’s support of the Liberal monsters running our country.


Rant complete, at least for the next 5 minutes.

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