Flaunting Theft at camp Gladys (tent city)

Flaunting Theft at camp Gladys (tent city)
Much easier than carrying stolen good back to tent city.

As a rule I do not like posting material found in private groups, however due to the ever growing problem, and the intensity, brazen gall, and the compete inability of the law to protect law abiding citizens, its time to poke a hole in the boil to let some of the puss out. The theme of the socialist left seems to be that taxpayers need to foot the bill for more and more housing and or any other costs that come from this welcome wagon they created in Smithers.

“The socialist left keeps the problem as a ways and means to gouge more money out of taxpayers pockets.”

Many locals are getting increasingly frustrated as the Town of Smithers continues to find excuses to keep the tent city in the downtown core. Citizens have resorted to forming online groups where they can report the now near daily theft, or multiple daily thefts. Clearly there is frustration with the complete inability of RCMP to do anything about it. The so called homeless, all came from homes, most of them from nearby communities who were not so keen on keeping their problems locally, and the town of Smithers opened its doors (when Taylor Bachrach was mayor)  to peoples with addiction and or criminal issues to support their addictions.

There are 3 people at the heart of this issue, the Mayor of Smithers (plus town counsel) Taylor Bachrach, and Nathan Cullen who must be laughing all the way to the voters booth doing nothing other than keeping the problem where it is, and in some ways you could even get the impression they are encouraging the problem, at very least exacerbating it. None of them DARE to ask the question, where did these people come from? They dare say “93 per cent identified themselves as being Indigenous” but refuse to say what indigenous community they had homes in before setting up a tent in Smithers. Based on the people we talked to, very few of them are from Witset or are from the Witset First Nation (Moricetown Band), however most of them are from Fort Babine and are members of the Lake Babine Nation, yet Smithers is left holding the bag for costs, not to mention having to live with this abuse.

Why are these politicians so keen on keeping their identity a secret, instead of being honest open and discussing both cost sharing and solutions with the Lake Babine Administration Office? Let’s not pretend any more, when you all admitted that “93 per cent identified themselves as being indigenous” then you also know they are all card carrying members of specific bands and their offices. Somehow you (the politicians) seem to be wanting the public to understand its indigenous people, so suck it up? Your inability to resolve this with the various bands appears more like one of stoking racism, rather that working with the band offices to end this tent city problem. As for the remaining 7%, find out where they had their homes last? Or is asking that question that a crime too?

We removed the audio of the following video to protect the identity of the person who filmed this.


In regards to our title, it was stolen from one of the people commenting about where your stolen bikes end up.

The sheer number of thefts and break ins, now in broad daylight are staggering, and the mainstream news is complicit in hiding it from the public.

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