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Mayor Gladys Atrill needs to do a better job of explaining this.


When the Interior News broke the story “Town and new bylaw officer part ways” I and many others scratched their heads when they read “Mayor Gladys Atrill said because it is a personnel matter, neither she nor the Town would say any more than that.” For those of us who also follow Interior News on Facebook, you can see a lot of people were also wonder why they cannot say more? “No reasons were given for Perry Lewin’s departure less than two months after assuming the role


But with so many pressing issues these day, I was one of those who forgot about it and moved on, that was until today, when I saw the following post on Facebook, concerning tent cities and homeless camps. I was astounded to see the following comment and I think the taxpayers in Smithers deserve to know the truth. If the following Facebook comment is the truth, it changes everything. We have no means to confirm if the statement is true, but the mayor needs to clear the air on this one, more so because she is not a Smithers resident and does not pick up the tax bill residents do.


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