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Taylor Bachrach on Foreign Election Interference

Give a man enough rope……


Nothing says it better than hearing it come from the horses mouth, but it also leaves us with some serious questions that need to be asked of Taylor. Let me quote “The NDP continues to push for an independent public inquiry into the nature, scope and handling of foreign election interference. It is the best way to get to the bottom of what has occurred.”

Flashback: Obama wasn’t the only American interfering in the Canadian election From that article…. “Leadnow is one of the lead organizations in a Rockefeller-funded international effort called The Tar Sands Campaign that aims to land-lock oil and natural gas from Western provinces, keeping Canada out of the global oil market. Leadnow has organized protests against all of the pipeline projects that have been scrapped or stalled: Northern Gateway, Keystone XL, Energy East and Trans Mountain as well as Woodfibre LNG and the Coastal Gaslink project in northern B.C.

Are you starting to get that OMG feeling? Keep reading, more from that article.

Leadnow has portrayed itself as a thoroughly Canadian youth movement, but that is not the whole story

In eight ridings, Leadnow did door-knocking and helped to get out the vote for specific candidates. For the NDP: Taylor Bachrach, Skeena-Bulkley Valley; Matthew Green, Hamilton Centre; Daniel Blaikie, Elmwood Transcona; and Paul Taylor, Parkdale-High Park. For the Green party: Anna Keenan in Malpeque and Darcie Lanthier in Charlottetown. And for the Liberals: Lenore Zann in Cumberland-Colchester. Leadnow also did door-knocking and helped get the vote out for independent candidate Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Now fast forward to  Oct. 3, 2019 and the Interior News

Bachrach one of eight endorsed by non-profit advocacy group LeadNow
LeadNow is working independently to get the climate vote out in eight different ridings


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