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Bachrach pushing for public safety changes to assist communities in the northwest


“Bachrach pushing for public safety changes to assist communities in the northwest” an article recently published in the Moose. (See Footnotes 1 )


Quote from the article above.


“We need to see increased investment in housing, mental health support, and treatment services for those people who are struggling,” said Bachrach in his question to the minister.”



Listen to how Taylor Bachrach uses “people who are struggling” as his explanation for rising crime rates.  Its both malicious and cruel to blame those people who struggle to put food on their table and accuse them of being responsible to the crime wave.  Instead of asking for funding for the honest people who are struggling he then proceeds with a pitch for funding the BC NDP’s new “Safer Communities Action Plan” and Canada’s bail system.




The following from Mr. Bachrach in that article.



“Hearing a committee has been struck doesn’t exactly instill hope,” said Bachrach. “It’s up to the minister to prioritize this issue and ensure solutions are brought forward as soon as possible. We’ll be holding him to that.”


The NDP representative met with party leader Jagmeet Singh earlier this month along with Terrace Mayor Sean Bujtas and the small business community who shared their frustration with rising rates of property crime.




On the heels of the provincial NDP’s new “Safer Communities Action Plan” let me quote


“The Safer Communities Action Plan lays out concrete steps at the provincial level to make communities safer under two tracks: enforcement, and intervention services. Each initiative is structured to improve co-ordination between law enforcement, community service organizations, justice system actors, health providers and people who are recovering from addiction and mental-health challenges in a collaborative, co-ordinated approach to address the issues people are seeing in their communities. ”  (See Footnotes 2 )



Why do tent cities come to mind?


I am no fan of the BC Liberals but when you are right, we should recognize it. The follow are quotes from Prince George-Mackenzie Liberal MLA Mike Morris taken from  (See Footnotes 3 )



“This is stuff he could have done when he was first declared as the Attorney General for the province. For it to take this long to implement, I am appalled by that because there are a lot of people that have been seriously hurt and are victims of crime because these were not implemented a heck of a lot earlier.”


“If they are trying to divert a lot of the first nation’s folks from being incarcerated instead of going through the judicial system, what are the alternatives? What are the options that are out there and what are the resources that these people have at their fingertips.”



“David Eby had the ability and the support (as Attorney General). John Horgan is a very admirable man and all David Eby had to say was ‘this is what the situation is Mr. Premier, we need to add more resources for this’ and it would have been done in a flash. But, for some reason, David Eby refused to acknowledge the fact there was a problem.”


“I spent a long time in the police force as an investigator, supervisor, manager, and executive. We were dealing with the changes to the Criminal Code as a result of the federal government – we were dealing with changes to law as a result of the Supreme Court Decisions and we would adjust our resources to meet that. The same duty is cast upon the Attorney Generals across each province that when these changes come out, they have to modify their approach in the provinces to respect those changes.”


“Police have been providing crown counsel with all the information that they need to hold these individuals in custody and probation has been involved in this as well. The problem is I don’t think the government has afforded the resources to crown counsel to spend the time looking at that. Crowns are overwhelmed and overworked, they need the extra resources so it’s good to see them going in that direction but they should have done this the minute Bill C-75 was passed,” added Morris.



“I read that legislation myself and as soon as I read it, my old police manager’s hat came on and I thought this is going to add 20-30 percent to a police officer’s workload. It’s going to increase prosecution work considerably but yet, but nothing was done in that regard by the BC Prosecutions Service and the Attorney General’s side.”



I will not repeat what Aaron Gunn has said, so please listen to what he so accurately says, then continue below the video with some more along the same lines locally.





What Taylor Bachrach is really doing here is pressing the Federal Liberals to fund the BC NDP’s  “Catch and Release Program” just like in sport fishing, double dip on the returns. They keep telling First Nations, vote for us, we will protect you, while in fact their catch and release policy makes First Nations the greatest victims of this catch and release program. This new program is a complete waste of money announced by the same NDP who failed miserably at improving the safety of women and especially First Nations women living on reserves.


Let me repeat what Taylor said  “We need to see increased investment in housing, mental health support, and treatment services for those people who are struggling,”  is this not what the NDP have been doing over the past 4 years? Housing programs for everyone except the folks paying all the taxes.


If you think there are fewer people are being charged with crimes, even though crime rates continue to climb post-COVID, then you’re right. Over the past five years, the percentage of charges sent to the B.C. Prosecution Service from police forces that were approved to go to court dropped from 87% in 2016/17 to 77% last year. There was a gradual drop of 1% per year until 2019/20 when it sat at 84% before dropping to 77% in 2020/21.  (See Footnotes 4 )  more…



In the Prosecution Service’s 2020/21 annual report, it shows there were 70,388 files submitted in 2018/19. That rose to 72,440 in 2020/21 then dropped in 2020/21 to 62,187 at the height of COVID.


Of those 62,187 files from last year, 47,125 were approved to go to court. If the approval rate had stayed at 87%, about 7,000 more charges would have been laid.


“The continuing consequences of colonialism for Indigenous persons in Canada provide the necessary context for any charge assessment involving an Indigenous person as a victim or potential accused,” the Crown Counsel Policy Manual states. “These consequences ‘must be remedied by accounting for the unique systemic and background factors affecting Indigenous peoples, as well as their fundamentally different cultural values and world views.’”


At an early stage in the charge assessment process, Crown Counsel are instructed to try to find out if it involves an Indigenous person and, if so, flag that on the file.


“Where Crown Counsel determines after charge approval that an accused identifies as an Indigenous person, they should consider this information and decide whether the public interest continues to require a prosecution,” it states.



Does the word “RACISM” or “DISCRIMINATION” enter your mind when you read the above?



Then locally we have this, of roughly 58 people being arrested by the RCMP at a cost of over 20 Million Dollars according to the left wing rag the Tyee, all these highly trained and educated police officers doing what they are trained and paid to do. And have someone, who was it? Was it Horgan? Was it Nathan Cullen? Murray Rankin? Was it that David Eby who used to run the Civil Liberties association who is now the former attorney general and now premier of British Columbia? Who ordered the BC Prosecution Service to drop the charges?


In Hazelton, 16 more people were arrested, so the combined total now is well over 70 arrests of persons intentionally breaking the law and causing harm to legitimate business, all in Taylor’s riding. (our backyard) We do know that Cullen was evicted over these same issues, so was the release his redemption package? Is this what  Taylor Bachrach meant by “frustration with rising rates of property crime”?



Not so long ago David Eby claimed that he had no jurisdiction to tell the BC Prosecution Service what to do, that was until more recently, seriously you cannot make this stuff up. So who ordered the BC Prosecution Service to waste 20 Million tax payers dollars in dropping criminal contempt charges?





AMEN to that last comment.


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