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Taylor Bachrach – On foreign ownership of B.C. fishing licences.


For those of you reading local Black Press run in almost every community in Skeena-Bulkley Valley we read the following “MP Taylor Bachrach slammed the Liberal government this week over the need to reform west coast fisheries.”  (See Footnotes 1 )



In that article Bachrach said “Despite the 2019 recommendations, the Liberal government has not implemented a single change,”



 Taylor grandstands on the issue but is a toothless tiger in having the fortitude to do anything about it.


However Taylor keeps voting to keep the Liberals in power. He had every opportunity to tell the Liberals that if they will not fix the problem, he would vote non confidence in the house, but did he? Nope, not a word, here is what he did say. its not quite the same as he makes out n local newspapers. Our point here is Nathan had the opportunity to demand a change but did not do so, he intentionally votes against the Conservatives almost 100% of the time to keep the same Liberals in power. More proof that if you want to fix this issue we need to have a Conservative representing this riding as opposed to a man who keeps the problem in power.



Note he says “in 2007 Canada reformed its Atlantic Fisheries to insure the benefits of the licences stay with the fish harvesters and the communities where they live” Taylor makes every effort not to say was this was done by the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. Watch below. To give credit where credit is due, Sam Konnert of Black Press did pick up on this.




  1. Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP slams Liberal government over foreign ownership of B.C. fishing licences

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