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Tent city mayor of Smithers B.C. – Gladys Atrill


There is so much wrong with this picture, I had a hard time coming up with the appropriate title. Thoughts like how to win an election in Smithers, and how to insure the vote stays home, the absolute failure of democracy is complacency, does anyone care anymore in Smithers?


No the fault definitely does not belong to the victims, the drug addicts and alcoholics, they do what they have always done, get drunk and take the path of least resistance.


Its not often we get an inside look at how the mayors office works, so keep reading, in particular the next two screenshots.


We will come back to this later in the article, but you need to see the feedback she got on this public post, in the next screenshot.


Here we have a mayor, who pays taxes in Telkwa not affect by the double digit taxes she imposes on Smithers, telling the homeless to vote for her. When less than 44% of Smithers residents voted, this might indeed have put her over the top.


Its all part of cancel culture, the total disrespect for those who sacrificed all to give us the freedoms we now abuse. The question is now how much damage can she do to Smithers while never paying the costs Smithers residents have to bear? Then we have our cenotaph, with this discouragement to keep people from honouring those who served.


Tent city mayor of Smithers B.C. – Gladys Atrill


Andrew Creyke comes up with some really good points, that do not fit the mayors agenda.  Let us talk about this.  In order of priority, yes its cold, damn cold outside if you are living in a tent. So let us examine what we do know.  We know that the people living in tent city are homeless, but we also know they all came from a home some time ago in their past.  Where is that home, was it in Smithers?  Where are the families of these people, do we know why they are not stepping forward and opening their homes to these people, especially during extreme cold?


(someone was whispering in my ear, its not part of the NDP agenda, were not supposed to ask these questions)


Next question, forgive me if I am wrong, but is it not true that all of these people in the homeless camp are also “status Indian” meaning card carrying aboriginals living on their own territory? If the previous comment is correct, then the next question is why has the Office of Wet’suwet’en who have a very spacious building and also now own the Lake Kathlyn School, why have they not provided sanctuary to these very cold individuals? Is this a case of not practising the very laws you preach?


Next we have to ask the Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre the same question, these same people made such an issue about the deaths due to the lack of culturally safe services for indigenous residents, putting the full blame on the very people who put in so much time and effort to help the homeless situation in Smithers. Is this a case of not practising the very laws you preach?


Then we have the church used so often for the NDP and Eco crazed people to use on King Street sitting empty most of the time. Oh they can howl and hoot about how much they care, then when it comes to crunch, nope, pass it on to the filthy rich Smithers tax payers.


So it comes down to why should anyone open their doors as long as you can get the taxpayers of Smithers to foot the bill.


Voter turnout was very low at 43.5 per cent of eligible voters, its a legal win for Atrill, but most certainly not one to brag about, its a failed democracy, another issue that needs repair is allowing citizens from other communities to run, especially for positions like mayor. Just how often have you see Atrill excuse herself due to a conflict of interest with Telkwa? Her share of the vote was a bit more than half of that, under 25% of the Smithers eligible voters.

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