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Taylor Bachrach’s votes against tourism – Tourism Week

Clown on a Wheel
Clown on a Wheel



The Conservatives put forward a motion that would have significantly decreased the out of control price increases faced by local residents due to the high cost of fuel for locals and tourism. As always Taylor Bachrach voted against the members of his riding as he always does to save the marriage agreement he was with the NDP/Liberal Coalition.


Its galling to see how this man who ducks and hinds behind “TOURISM” as the ultimate dream industry, and as his primary argument to support the Sierra Club, to who he owes his career, and uses this tourism argument to object to every industry that enters our region. No w he has a chance to practice what he preaches, only to once again put a knife in the backs of the tourist operators. So other than his own personal wallet who exactly does Taylor Bachrach support?


Let me quote from the (See Footnotes 1 )


“Conservative MP Dan Albas, who represents Central Okanagan–Similkameen–Nicola, spoke at a joint news conference in Ottawa Tuesday along with interim party leader Candice Bergen. “Inflation is causing real damage to the finances of Canadians. Wages aren’t keeping up,” said Albas, who is also associate shadow minister for finance and housing inflation. “Temporarily removing the GST from fuel is a simple, common-sense solution that can make a real difference, and leave money where it belongs – in the pockets of hard-working Canadians.” The average gas price across Canada was $1.70 per litre last week, according to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA). That’s up 38 per cent from a year ago. Gas prices have jumped as high as $2 a litre in some B.C. communities, spiking largely due to the conflict in Ukraine.


“Millions of Canadians have no choice but to use their cars to drive to work, pick up groceries, or get their kids to sports and other activities. It’s families and small businesses who are hurting the most,” said Albas.



Forgive me for stealing a Facebook commentary, for privacy sake I won’t name the person, but what he wrote nails this arrogant SOB, with a pie in the face comment, that nails the truth even better than I ever could. Keep in mind that Taylor voted DOWN tax relief for our constituency and our tourism industry in support of Justin Trudeau.



In the past, I remember the federal government bragging that if the mining, forestry, fossil fuels or manufacturing sectors were no longer viable, Canada has a thriving tourism business.




That’s where people hop on planes, trains or automobiles to travel somewhere that is not their home.


Some people load up their RV units and drive through the National parks, go to the lakes and camp, or many tow their boats to the lakes.


Many spend a whole lot of money paying $12 for a cup of $2 coffee in places like Banff or Jasper, or Lake Louise. $15 if you go to Whistler or pretty much any place in BC.


But not this week!


Not in Canada anyway.


And the reason I find this particularly ironic, is that in Canada right NOW, it is #Tourismweek


I bet you think I am making this up, right?


What kind of prime minister extends the travel ban and the high price of gas at the pumps for Canadians during Tourism Week??


A moron.


That’s what kind of prime minister does that.


The government all but destroyed small businesses with their draconian pandemic legislation over the last 26 months, and even now when no other G7 country in the world has travel restrictions, Trudeau hammers another spike through the hearts of his very own tourist industry.


People should be travelling right now.


Spending money at hotels.




Gas stations and convenient stores.


Mom and pop RV resorts and parks.


Or they could be catching domestic or international flights, but NOOOo.


Not in Canada.


We call Trudeau the boy Wonder because we wonder what the hell he is thinking?


Or does he even think?


He certainly doesn’t care about tourism week. That’s for sure.


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