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Understanding gas prices – The NDP/Liberal marriage contract.

Understanding gas prices


Someone asked me the other day, “Please tell me in simple English what the heck is going on and who is to blame?” So I did the homework. now for some inconvenient truth.

Cutting to the chase the is plan simple, to extort as much money as they can out of you and claim they are doing it to save the planet recall the “extinction crisis”.


The International Energy Agency forecasts that by 2050 renewables will make up 18.1% of the US energy grid vs fossil fuels at 75.2%.

Question: where did we get the grossly erroneous idea that fossil fuels could be phased out quickly? There is no objective research to support it yet Justin-idiot’s energy policy reflected that assumption.

In simple English that means when you plug in your electric car the electricity you enter into your EV will originate at a rate of 75.2% from the same oil and gas you now put into your cars. Does anyone other me see that these climate bedwetters are out to lunch?


Holy Smokes, can you imagine how much taxes carbon taxes they plan on stripping out of your wallet by 2050? Will this whole carbon tax thing go away after they get booted out of office?


Trudeau a hypocrite!


Trudeau’s grandfather accumulated a fortune by building gas stations around the Montreal area and a loyalty program known as the Automobile Owners’ Association, which by 1932 had 15,000 members patronizing Trudeau’s 30 stations.  (See Footnotes 1 ) The documents (Feb 2013) show that although Trudeau’s inheritance was worth worth about $1.2 million, one has to ask how is it possible that he converted that amount into into close to 107 Million dollars.(See Footnotes 2 ) (Justin’s net worth this year) EXPLAIN THAT? No amount of carbon tax will affect his ability to use and buy gas. How did this shyster accumulate so much wealth?


Lets review that again Justin accumulated over 105 million while serving as Prime Minister, that is beyond astounding, this while raping Canadians incomes, and spending more money that all the Prime Ministers of Canada combined.


“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set another record—increasing the federal debt (per person) more than any other prime minister (not facing a world war or recession) since 1870. He earlier set a spending record, as the Trudeau government has spent more money (per person) than any other prime minister in Canadian history.” (See Footnotes 3 )


(But that is OK with Nathan and Taylor, they agreed to get married to Justin despite these known facts) While on this topic someone should do a story on the net worth of Nathan and Taylor as well, before and after their stints in politics, while they cannot top what Justin pulled off, they both are “set for life” in regards to their own wealth.



Nathan Cullen and Taylor Bachrach are up to their proverbial eyeballs in cahoots with Justin Trudeau. The Liberal/NDP marriage, Is there a difference between the two other than the number of hands digging through your wallet?


Then you read stuff like this “Fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine helped push up the price of jet fuel by 129% year over year to nearly US$153 per barrel by April 8, according to the International Air Transport Association.” No I am not joking. it was in today’s news. When you read the airlines making statements like that you question, who is lying and who is telling the truth?





Prices keep going up, contradictions keep coming from all sectors, from its the value of our dollar to COVID, then blame the Russian war, to a lack of pipelines, to carbon tax, the list goes on. I still wanted to know why, not some complicated jargon or politically motivated excuses. So I kept digging, let me share with you what I learned. (and the proof that goes with it)


“The B.C. government also said it would increase the second carbon tax. The second carbon tax is a fee embedded in fuel standard regulations. It costs taxpayers about 14 cents per litre of gasoline and 15.5 cents per litre of diesel. Right now, the two B.C. carbon taxes cost about 24 cents per litre of gasoline.” (See Footnotes 4 )


The next issue is taxes, BC has the highest gas and diesel taxes in Canada (again) I need to interject, ask Nathan or Taylor, they really could not care less if gas or diesel prices go up to 10 bucks a litre, both are climate bedwetters who will have no problem buying groceries or paying their bills while everyone earning under 50 Grand a year goes bankrupt.


Taxes on gas currently sit at roughly 43 cents a litre. (See Footnotes 5 ) Prices might already be higher when you read this. I noted the BC average today (April 19th) is $192.1 per litre.


Break it down to Provincial motor fuel tax (everywhere else in B.C.) — 7.75 cents. Federal excise tax — 10 cents. Carbon tax 12 cents a litre. 5% Goods and Services Tax on top of the total price. Yes that is a tax on the taxes, typical NDP two hands in your wallet.


So does this let the dippers (NDP/Liberals) off the hook? Absolutely not, they are 110% responsible for land locking Canadian Oil and Gas and that alone is the primary cause of today’s inflated oil prices. Preventing Canada from selling gas and oil is tantamount to price fixing. They just think that fooling you is the clever thing to do, its all smoke and mirrors.


The majority of the cost of your gas at the pump is also a poop load of gob-e-dy-gook The price of crude affects the price of our dollar, the price of our dollar, when our dollar goes down the price at the pump goes up to cover the difference on world price of crude. Likewise if the price of world crude drops, so does the Canadian dollar so again we lose both ways. Then you have to factor in that the price of crude is set by supply and demand, in Canada and for us living here in the north, a secondary issue is supply and demand for gasoline or diesel, and by intent its always in a short supply to intentionally keep prices high. (Click on the image for an enlarged view)








The price of gas as the graphics show is driven mostly by supply and demand, that in turn results in another issue, a shortage of refineries, or is it? Pipelines are the only viable solution as nobody wants to build a refinery that will close or shut down in 25 years give or take a decade.So moving fuel via pipeline is the only viable solution, so get them pipelines approved and built.


The case for more pipelines is based on the same issue, supply and demand, by selling more crude oil we will insure that the supply chain does not get shorted. Yes demand always keeps prices inflated, all intentionally so, in particular by governments hell bent on making trillions of dollars on oil and gas while telling you and me they are planning on going green. Its an endless game of save the planet and maximize profits on oil and gas. Build several more pipelines to the BC coast, do it now and do it fast, energy has become the worlds most serious crisis.Canada has it and its locked in by climate bedwetters. (Thanks Dan for that description)


This is the real motive of the TIDES FOUNDATION keeping trillions in the United States while paying environmentalists millions to shut down supplies in Canada. Is there any environmentalist organization that is not getting funding directly or get money laundered from the Tides Foundation? Look at Taylor Bachrach who pealed into his job as MP by the Sierra Club with funds laundered by the Tides foundation.


If we had more pipelines both east and west, we may cut our fuel costs in half or restore it to the prices of near a dollar a litre, because the same pipelines that move oil and gas, can now also move gasoline and diesel from refineries in Canada. Example BC prices are high due to yet another claim of supply and demand shortages. If we had pipelines, its easy to ship 5 million gallons of gasoline or diesel from the Edmonton Refinery or from the Federated Cooperatives Ltd. in Regina, Sask. For example Trans Mountain Pipeline System can currently pump 300,000 barrel per day regardless of what the content is, the new system will be able to send 890,000 barrels per day, thus removing this so called increase in price due to shortages.


Keeping Canada out of the oil and gas market insures the United States earns the most from oil and gas, and for the record, demand keeps going up, not down like they pretend their targets are set for.




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