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Our Tax Dollars funding known NDP support groups.


Follow the money flow into our riding(s). A lot can be learned about who not to vote for, when you see where the money went vs where it should have gone if funding was distributed based on needs vs political motivation and rewards. The most interesting aspect of this research is who got the money, and who took credit for it.

chronological order will be fixed before we publish

March 3rd 2022 – Provincial – BC Liberals

More than $600,000 in grants from Northern Development Initiative Trust will benefit the City of Prince Rupert, as well as Gitxaala Enterprises Corporation, the funding organization announced on March 2nd 2022.  Each entity will receive $300,000 for its respective infrastructure projects. Credit goes to the BC Liberals who created the Northern Development Initiative Trust
(See Footnotes 1 )


April 7th 2022 – Federal – Liberal Eco-Radical Funding

More than $300,000 is being invested in Ecotrust Canada’s Prince Rupert branch as part of a $4.2 million investment to recruit, train, and mentor new energy advisors, the federal government announced on April 6. The funding is part of a greater $10 million call for proposals to train up to an additional 2,000 energy advisors, said Julie Dabrusin, parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, in the statement.  Ecotrust was an American funded environmentalist organization based in Portland, Oregon. Today the Liberals under the Greenpeace minister is funding this environmentalist organization.
(See Footnotes 2 )

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Steven Guilbeault

April 1st 2022 – Provincial – NDP Arts Groups. (Jennifer Rice)

Seven North Coast artistic organizations will benefit from a portion of $12.4 million in one-time funding Art Impact Grants to assist in pandemic recovery, Jennifer Rice, North Coast MLA, announced on April 1. (See Footnotes 3 )

The Museum of Northern British Columbia benefits by $39,200, with Prince Rupert Community Arts Council receiving $5,000. Three Haida Gwaii organizations received funding, with Haida Gwaii Arts Council $5,000, Haida Heritage Centre $30,000, and Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay $75,000. Bella Coola Music Festival received $9,200, and Bella Coola Valley Arts Council received $9,890.

This funding to local artists and organizations comes from single-time funding to the BC Arts Council, which will distribute $7.9 million in resilience supplements to more than 300 organizations already receiving operating assistance. Additionally, BC Arts Council will direct $4.5 million to top up the Arts Impact Grant program.


March 31st 2022 – Provincial – (Nathan Cullen) – Trying hard to undo his Eviction by Gitxsan Chiefs

Municipal Affairs minister, Cullen awards 100% of the funding to aboriginal management to the tune of $2.8 million for the community shuttle program funding. (See Footnotes 4 )

Kermode Friendship Society in Terrace received $126,336 and the Nisga’a Village of Gingolx in the Nass Valley got $200,000.Friendship House Association of Prince Rupert saw $200,000. In Smithers, Dze L K’ant Friendship Society received $150,000. Similarly the funding stream provided Gitanmaax Band $150,000 and Gitanyow Human Services $128,640. “Rural and remote communities throughout northern B.C. continue to face challenges related to the loss of Greyhound bus service in the region,”said Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen.


Mar. 3, 2022 – Federal – No credit goes to Taylor Bachrach – This one comes from the Liberal Minister of International Development.

Smithers airport receives $505,000 in COVID-relief funding – The Smithers Regional Airport will be among those who will benefit from the Regional Air Transportation Initiative, which will aid the airport in over $500,000 in grants. (See Footnotes 5 )

“Regional airports and carriers provide a vital service, providing commercial flight access, supporting critical supply chains and promoting economic growth.” the release noted from Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of International Development,

Jan 20, 2022 – Provincial – NDP – Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation

The Province is providing $118,000 through the Incentive Program under a partnership with the Emotive outreach and awareness campaign to support B.C. communities, organizations and local governments delivering local and regional EV-awareness campaigns that include video production, EV events and demonstrations. So far nothing has been claimed by Nathan Cullen or Jennifer Rice for our ridings. This is more evidence the public has no interest in cars that are useless in the winter or in our northern environment inclusive of our roads and their conditions. (See Footnotes 6 )


Apr. 21, 2021 – Provincial – Racism Amplification

Terrace-based Skeena Diversity Society (SDS) is the recipient of $7,500 provincial funding to combat racism.

Black Press received $183,265 that was split between 30 news outlets and $5 million distributed to 48 news outlets from a second phase of the emergency fund. (See Footnotes 7 ) So be aware they owe the devil their soul, so in turn they made sure they did not give any credit to the MLA for that area (Ellis Ross) This grant did not mention NDP funding yet at the same time Ellis Ross had no say in where the funding was to go. Unlike the NDP the BC Liberals are not married to the Federal Liberals as are the NDP

The funding is part of an additional $372,500 provided by the province to Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network to help organizations combat racism in their communities. Other northwest B.C. organizations that have received this funding include The Tamitik Status of Women Association in Kitimat, Smithers Social Planning Society, Immigrant Multicultural Services Society of Prince George and North Coast Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society. (See Footnotes 8 )



May 27th 2021 – Provincial – Again no reference to Ellis Ross MLA for the area.

There seems to be a repetitive issue in our local press, if the NDP did it, the MLA gets the credit, if its not in an NDP Riding no mention is made of the MLA, why? Heritage ministry added over 30 million dollars in ‘recovery’ funding to undisclosed media recipients.

SD54 receives over $1.6 million in provincial funding, it will go toward Silverthorne Elementary HVAC upgrades and purchasing two new buses. The funding falls under three streams, the School Enhancement Program (SEP), the Carbon Neutral Capital Program (CNCP) and the Bus Acquisition Program (BUS)

In total, the province announced $240.5 million a 10.5 per cent increase over last year’s funding according to a news release issued by the Ministry of Education.

November 20th 2019 – Federal – Nice to see how your taxes are spent

Cullen gets $89,000 in post-MP severance, at 55, the former MP will also be eligible for an $82,000 per annum pension. Cullen’s severance comes to $89,000 and his annual MP pension is $82,000, or $4.1 million over his lifetime, according to a Nov. 1 news release from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF). Next he will go for the Provincial cash cow out of your wallets. (See Footnotes 9 )




  1. NDIT announces $600,000 in grants for City of Prince Rupert and Gitxaala Enterprises Corporation
  2. In 1995 Jacqueline Koerner expanded Ecotrust into Canada, where she became Founding Chair and environmental journalist, Ian Gill, became the organization’s first executive director. In 1995, Ecotrust Canada received charitable status.
  3. North Coast art organizations to receive portion of $12.4 million
  4. Several northwest communities share in $2.8 million community shuttle program funding
  5. Smithers airport receives new funding
  6. Funding helps promote electric vehicle uptake in B.C.
  7. Heritage ministry added over 30 million dollars in ‘recovery’ funding to undisclosed media recipients
  8. Skeena Diversity Society receives provincial funding to combat racism
  9. Cullen gets $89,000 in post-MP severance

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