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The NDP theft of your family income.

The NDP theft of your family income.


Let me start by saying exactly what this message is about and to whom. This message goes out to all local residents living in the provincial riding of Bulkley Valley/Stikine, as well as the federal riding of Skeena. It likely applies to all riding’s that are part of what used to be Nathan Cullen’s riding and now is in the treacherous hands of Taylor Backrach.


I will be explicitly honest here, that both Nathan Cullen and Taylor Bachrach are 100% guilty of intentionally driving up the price of fuel for your cars, trucks, snowmobiles, quads, boats and lawnmowers, your barbecue your RV and even home heating. Add to that the cost of all goods that travel by truck, boat or rail. Other than a government MP who can afford to travel between our communities today? Worse they don’t care, they enjoy a good laugh about how we are all complaining.


Wait that is not all, travel to the nearest hospital could cost you as much as 50 Dollars in taxes for medical treatment, or buying food and clothing.Imagine the cost of living in Dease Lake, Altin, Iskut and Stewart or any of the First Nations communities served by Taylor Bachrach today! A trip between Prince Rupert or say Smithers will now cost you over 100 dollars, to buy and bring home a used couch. Then if that is not enough the NDP actually want to add taxes to that used couch as they do to so many other products you were already taxed for when you earned the money. And there is more, add to that property taxes both rural and municipal. In fact there are so many taxes, the odds are highly in my favor I did not even list them all here. (See Footnotes 1 )



Anyone who still thinks they are in office to make your life better seriously needs to have a psychiatric evaluation.


They are willing rob you your wife and children and even your grandchildren and grandparents to force you to comply with “their vision” of “your life”!



It was not accidental, incidental or a result of misconceptions, it was a cold and calculated decision to use your wallet as ransom to their intentions of forcing you to give up the use of fossil fuels. This is the work of both their deliberate intentions to force the constituents of this riding to give up their use of fossil fuels by intentionally drive up the price.  They do not care that you have no alternative means to travel, they simply do not care.   (See Footnotes 2 ) and pocketing the massive grab out of your wallets, to pay for handouts intended to buy votes.


Steven Guilbeault is taken into custody by Toronto police after scaling the CN Tower in July 2001. “To me, civil disobedience was never a goal in and of itself. It was just a tool,” Guilbeault now says.


Let me say it again, these two elected NDP members are going to get 6 figure incomes in exchange for demolishing your family incomes.

(See Footnotes 3 ) (See Footnotes 4 ) (See Footnotes 5 )
(See Footnotes 6 )


Any Excuse Will Do

First the excuse was COVID, all the handouts passed out from the workers wallets into the hands of those, who mostly hardly ever work for a living, and part of the NDP RESET of who owns, who pays and who gets the money in your wallet. Note the numbers of people getting COVID and dying from COVID is back on the rise but not a tweet or chirp from the NDP because they changed the excuse already, they dropped COVID as the public felt that excuse was all used up.


This again bears the importance of repeating what I said. The Great Reset is not a hoax or a theory, its an intent, and the prices being driven through the roof is intent, and taking your funds out of your wallet is by intent. People who are poor become more dependant on government, its by design, it by intent, its all part of their RESET master plan. I seriously doubt if the NDP have enough IQ to be part of the international reset plan, but it sure works for taking money from Peter to buy Paul’s vote, especially so if Paul identifies with anything other mainstream gender.


But Problem Sir


Oh there is a problem? Yes, recall why we needed to have the war measures act invoked? So they could make life living hell for anyone who demanded an end to socialist lock downs. So what better excuse to just happen to come down the turnpike than a war with Russia? The public would not tolerate a socialist move to deny the public the right to buy fuel for their cars so what better way is there than blame the war with Russia? Listen to them “Its simply a case of supply and demand”. Seriously? They are blaming Russia for the rising cost of oil and gas and jacking up taxes at the same time.


If that was the truth then why is Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault saying he does not support provincial governments cutting gas taxes, saying that it undermines the role and intent of higher carbon pricing. This without any object from Taylor Bachrach because he supports this attack on your wallets. Not to forget he has a close friend in the business that sells bicycles and is also a staunch supporter of all the Bachrach bicycle initiatives. I wonder just how much funding they got from the COVID tax fund? (From your pocket to theirs)


The Cash Grab is so Lucrative


Giving away cash has become a ways and means to get re-elected, with a coalition give away program designed to blow all your dollars on supporters, and to hell with everyone else.


It also explains why there is that contention between Interior News as well, being on the receiving end of COVID benefits, paid for by the working tax payers of coarse. Read the quote below, that’s a lot of freebies to buy goodwill from the press. Grant Harris is the publisher for Interior News and is also is a major driving force behind Cycle 16 that also just received some of your tax dollars Cycle 16 to receive funding by the province The project received $44,431 for development and instalment of a bench and informational kiosk at one of the viewpoints along the Cycle 16 path between Smithers and Telkwa.


“News Media Canada announced the first wave of funded reporting positions in December, with a second round announced, after a coronavirus-related delay, last month. They add up to 168 new reporting positions in more than 140 newsrooms across the country; you can see the full list here. Each position will be funded with a maximum of $60,000 per year, 5 percent of which can go toward equipment.”


B.C. has no plans to follow Alberta’s lead by reducing tax as gas prices rise: Farnworth


Again my article is becoming bloated with NDP Exposures, maybe I need to do a separate article on just exactly who got the money in our riding’s, a case of follow the stench of dirty money. So before I go on you might be asking why are we blaming the NDP?


In our riding’s we have several levels of governance, we have Federal, Provincial, Regional, Municipal, then we have school boards, sadly almost all of them today are in the hands of the wrong people, mostly people who think their neighbours should pay their bills while they stay home and collect a free ride. I did say almost all, there are without a doubt a few good ones, but thin pickings though. This happened when the older generation who looked after everything and did a damn good job, retired or died of old age. These was a void behind them so socialists moved in by way of acclamation.


Its time the rest of us gave our heads a shake and said enough is enough.


Why are we blaming the NDP? Because they are voting for these tax grabs, they are in Ottawa and Victoria representing us and voting the dead opposite of protecting our incomes. They are both voting to increase taxes, increase carbon tax, they are voting to take, take and take even more of your hard earned family incomes, so they can have a free for all with your money.


Talking to seniors who are normally quite polite and reserved in how they speak, at the gas pumps its not so unusual to see them jolt in anger and lash out with comments that may even include expletives these days. How many of you have filled up their gas tanks and heard someone say “Those rotten bastards” and you and I know they were talking about the politicians who by hell or high water intend to price people right out of driving period.


Its hard to find words more accurate than that when it comes to how local residents feel about taxes. The lone singular cause of all the price increases are thanks to the politicians who think the rest of us are greedy millionaires and have loads of money we can flush down the toilet to make up for the missing toilet paper caused by their COVID cash cow.


We all know that both Nathan Cullen and Taylor Bachrach are members of the NDP, we all know that the Federal Party and BCNDP share membership, so its not so far fetched to say the NDP/Liberal Coalition is being driven by the NDP who were elected by the green machine, ecomaniacs pretending they are trying to save or planet from extinction.


Why? The next generation was educated to think this way, we allowed our schools to be used as the green machines re-education control centre.


People who are 100% reliant on government have no time to question politicians or their motives.




  1. When the NDP tell you there is no tax on food and children clothing, they are lying, the truth is there is no new added taxes when buying them, because taxes were applied to every stage of that products existence from start to point of sale.
  2. “So in the next two years,” said Guilbeault, “more stringent methane regulations, zero-emission vehicle standards, net-zero grid by 2035, cap on oil and gas and obviously phasing out fossil fuels. All of these things must be in place in the coming eighteen months.”

  3. Members of the House of Commons may use the post-nominal letters “MP”. The annual salary of each MP, as of April 2021, was $185,800; members may receive additional salaries in right of other offices they hold (for instance, the speakership). MPs rank immediately below senators in the order of precedence.



    Since 2010 the NDP were ordered to refund Canada for money they wrongfully stole from Canadians.


    68 current and former NDP MPs, $2.7 million for allegedly improperly using their Commons budgets to pay the salaries of staffers in satellite party offices.


    23 NDP MPs, $1.17 million for allegedly improperly using free parliamentary mailing privileges to send almost 2 million partisan missives.


  5. MP Pension paid for by taxpayers to the tune of “Defeated or retiring MPs will collect $1.4 million in annual pension payments, reaching a cumulative total of $42 million by age 90. In addition, $3.3 million in severance cheques will be issued to some former MPs.” Nathan Cullen qualifies for this.

    Funny thing about the NDP and their party’s newspaper news outlet called the Tyee is that when the Liberals were in power they complained that the average annual income for an MLA was $102,878 plus an additional $ 57,522.97 for a minister. Then in 2020 we read the following 16 MLAs retiring from B.C. politics add up to $20M in pensions: Taxpayers Federation where was the Tyee on this one? Doug Donaldson is one of them, the guy who handed his seat to Nathan Cullen.

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