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Baby its cold outside…. where are the ecofreaks today?

Baby its cold outside…. where are the ecofreaks today?
I have to admit that my pen has been hibernating for a while now and it almost Christmas, so let me scribble a few notes as I sip my morning coffee. This year has been quite an educational year for me, even at my age there is so much to learn. When I was young and strong as a bull, we used to haul a few truckloads of firewood (in one day) out of the bush to keep our house warm on these cold winter days. Back then we also had what they call tree huggers, who wanted to end all logging period, but it never really gained traction until they made it about aboriginals.


Therein lies the key to 100% of their success, make it all about indigenous rights, such a noble cause. In that time it was about the Queen Charlotte’s, now renamed Haida Gwaii. They celebrated, the Haida’s celebrated, and then all enjoyed being the only ones who could log that area that was saved from logging, by logging it anyways. Not at the same scale but never the less the only other difference was the colour of the skin of those logging it.


The point here is that not much has changed in tactics, there are always going to be a lot of people who hate normal jobs, and want to make a living at manipulating aboriginals as a career.



Career activists like Nathan Cullen and Taylor Bachrach have powerful allies in Tides Foundation funded organizations like SkeenaWild, Raven Trust, Friends of Morice-Bulkley, Friends of Wild Salmon and Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research. (just to name a few)


We hear stuff like “carbon is killing us” yet the people with the loudest shout use 1000% more carbon that old folks using wood stoves to keep warm. Today the people opposed to pipelines and logging and oil and energy period, all drive snowmobiles, quads, trucks with mud bogger tires, big boats that run on gas, and diesel, they jet set all over the world preaching their green gospel to people willing to part with their money to GoFundThem.


Then you have those who are opposed to LNG, just do not touch the PNG gasline heating their homes.


Now they tell us we should give up our wood stoves, and install electric, while simultaneously objecting to every hydro project out there. Then they tell us we need to dump our gas burning cars and go electric.  Seriously I do wonder how electric is working out for people this morning as its -23 outside my home. I plugged my truck in last night but for the block heater, so it will get me to the hospital if it so happens I need to go,


I worry about the future a lot, it seems that today kids are willing to part with their sanity and live in social media instead of the real world. I recall it was 1943 when the movie Chicken Little came out, and today we having a rerun of that doomsday film in real time by a group called Climate Extinction. Good thing back then we did not listen to the theme of the sky is falling and if this planet is going to survive our kids better wake up before today’s ecofreaks destroy what is left of an economy that pays the bills that keep us all warm, fed, and safe.


I have always been a defender of peoples right to freedom of speech, but its high time we set limits that forbid them to impose their bullshit on the rest of us working for a living. Make it a criminal offence to block infrastructure projects, highways, railways, airports and ports. Give them fines large enough that they will seriously think twice before they try it, and pull their drivers license as well as put them on a no fly list if they breach a civil injunction.


We keep talking about how we must put a stop to bullying in our society, yet most of today’s (not all) protests are a means to bully society into a change that would not happen in a democratic system, meaning that the change would have been voted down. So this so called pressure is a form of bully tactics and that should be illegal. If you want change, then do it within our democratic system.


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