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NDP Roadblocks – BC Environmental Assessment Office

NDP Roadblocks – BC Environmental Assessment Office


(In the photo above) These are the same people who are ducking behind the BC Environmental Assessment Office


It seems as if the BC NDP are unable to ever figure out if they are in favor of any development, so they undermine everything they themselves approve of.


They have created baffling impediments as we point out below,  all three parties, Greens, Liberals and NDP are endorsing LNG pipelines, but how can you build them with the extreme obstacles set like land mines by the BC Environmental Assessment Office, created by the NDP.


More important is that almost every First Nations band in BC supports LNG development, and still our government caters to the criminals, why? “There are 12,000 self-identified Indigenous workers in Canada’s oil and gas industry today”, according to the National Coalition of Chiefs.


I should not have been as surprised as I was to read about how people, who do everything in their power, inclusive of breaching Supreme Court Injunctions, vandalism, theft over $1000,00 wilful destruction of property, commandeering (hijacking) industrial equipment, and the list is probably much longer, get to hide behind the dress of the BC Environmental Assessment Office.


Who would have dreamed that this office was intended to protect the environment, could also conveniently protect criminals, protesters and blockaders. How exactly is an BC Environmental Assessment doing its job when it adds rules like the ones below. Aboriginal rights and title are not environmental concerns, they are issues to be negotiated by the BC Treaty Commission.


This rule set by the BC Environmental Assessment Office is the “proverbial licence to kill” any industrial development and needs to be withdrawn.


Its an insurance policy to allow radicals into development zones, and to date there is little if any evidence that supports the denial of access to legitimate aboriginal hunters, trappers or even usage of the land. Persons with a known history of saying they will shut a project down are using these rules to do exactly that, there has never been a single case of legitimate monitoring for environmental concerns being denied. In fact deliberately omitted is the fact that First Nations members are employed by CGL to monitor environmental concerns. Environmental concerns should be left to aboriginal groups that are independent of the for or against lobby groups, and this government agency needs to stop giving those who are in a conflict of interest a right to interfere with investment projects.


These high flying bureaucrats (literally) we the taxpayers are footing the bill for these guys to fly up and down our northern roads at a cost on hundreds of thousands of dollars, tucked away as part of their expense list.



“Condition 15 of the Table of Conditions states that the Holder must “avoid prohibiting access for Aboriginal groups and non-aboriginal trap line holders”


Then in a case files against CGL


C&E Parks reviewed information submitted to EAO by complainants. That information states that on January 24, 2019, an aboriginal group member was prohibited from accessing trap  lines located past the Camp 9A location on the Shea Creek FSR. Video evidence was provided of this event. The complainants also assert that aboriginal group members have been denied access to trap lines between January 23 and January 30.

Based on the evidence provided by the complainant, CGL appeared to prohibit the access of an Aboriginal Group member for the purposes of trapping on at least one occasion. Video evidence submitted by the complainant documented the individuals attempting to access areas past the security checkpoint on the Shea FSR and being turned away by security staff with an Injunction referenced as the rationale for denying access (Appendix F).



Those people in question without exception are all part of an organized group who intend to halt, delay and or stop the pipeline from being built. They consist of a few Wet’suwet’en and a large number of both radicals from other regional clan members, inclusive of aboriginal as well as non aboriginal American citizens. Just exactly how is that impeding the rights of aboriginals?


I challenge the BC Environmental Assessment Office to prove they have even a single complaint by someone who has not publicly stated that they intend to shut down the pipeline in question. Every compliant to date was made by people who has made their intentions of blocking, delaying or shutting down the project very clear. Nathan Cullen this is in your riding, do your job, tell your people to stop supporting criminals who are using your government departments to accomplish goals that are detrimental to the public good.


The BC Environmental Assessment Office needs to make immediate amendments in regards to its jurisdiction and remove aboriginal rights from its mandate. No industry in British Columbia should have to deal directly with any aboriginal group, that is the job of government, stop being so lazy and stop punishing investors in British Columbia simply because it gives you a political way out of your own responsibilities.


Examples are plenty, we will post some of them.

Cody advocating for people to breach the injunction to block the project.
Another example of what their real intentions are.
Intimidation tactics, imagine the uproar if the cartoon was reversed.



Note in the video below Ts’ake ze Tsebesa also known as Lillian Wilson says the following. “The bottom line for all of these pipelines is to get them out of here” So it was never about access in the first place, it was about stopping the project, she admits to that here. See the 0:40 mark on the video is very clear about intent. The footage below is part of their deception campaign, a continued effort using non aboriginals to do their dirty work. Local aboriginals do not want to have any part of  this renegade anarchist group.



Skip most of the song and dance and go to the conclusion where Molly says “to put and end to the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline. Quoting from the Tyee “In July, the EAO issued a separate warning to Coastal GasLink after security guards wrongly blocked Wickham from attempting to monitor pipeline construction in her clan’s traditional territory. The incident was not isolated, Wickham said at the time, with pipeline security blocking access to the route for several weeks this spring as right-of-way clearing took place near the Morice River. “


Clearly and repeatedly Molly has indicated that her intent is to stop the project from proceeding, its never been about any legitimate concern of monitoring, let’s not forget there already is aboriginal monitoring taking place inside of the project by CGL. So once again the BC Environmental Assessment Office is being played by anarchists and radical First nations members.


Note the start of the video is bragging about the delays they caused CGL and the BC Environmental Assessment Office insures they get away with it. Hello Nathan Cullen, lets not pretend you do not know about this.


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