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NDP Lies and Deciet – Hold them accountable


It blows my mind that the NDP is so afraid, like cowards with their tails between their legs they are already telling lies, even before potential candidates are even chosen. In this case we will do screen shots directly from the NDP’s website, before they hide it, and in our case we will hold Nathan Cullen responsible. Nathan Cullen is the NDP representative in our riding, so he must answer for the lies and deceit the NDP tell. Note they posted this on October 8th, Arron Gunn did nor declare until October 9th 2021


Even before Aaron Gunn made the announcement the NDP were running a full page smear campaign against Aaron, and in his announcement he proved that each and every accusation they told were lies. Oddly the NDP website ONLY targeted the one man who had not declared and posted nothing about the other six candidates already running.


What appears to be clear is they are so afraid of Aaron that their spears had to come out in a last ditch effort to try get the BC Liberal Party to refuse Aaron the right to run.


As I said earlier, we have no control over other riding’s but our own, so it is our civic duty to hold Nathan Cullen responsible for the words written on his parties website.



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