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Jagmeet Singh-Dhaliwal slanders Canada ahead of Canada Day



Circumstances dictate our perceptions so sometimes we need to lead the way in changing perception by celebrating Canada Day like never before, we need to celebrate that Canada is the most diverse democracy on earth. No where on the planet do aboriginals get more and better attention than they do here in Canada.


So let me begin by asking you to not let these people who feed off Canada, live in luxury on the taxpayers dime, get away with shaming us on Canada Day. Make this one more than ever, the Canada Day to share, be sure to greet everyone a happy Canada Day this year.



The problem with perception is the NDP and Jagmeet Dhaliwal leader of the NDP, and his representaive here in our riding by the name of Taylor Bachrach.  Jagmeet Dhaliwal has gone on record of accusing Canada of being a racist country. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh went so far as to claim that “Canada is a place of racism” and that “Muslims are not safe in this country.” But is Canada really as racist as Singh claims? And this one “Our Canada is a place where you can’t walk down the streets if you wear a hijab because you will be killed—this is our Canada. We can’t deny it.” – Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP


Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the NDP really appears to have a hatred towards Canada and Taylor Bachrach failed us all but not standing up for Canada, but sits back in silent complicity with his leader.


Do not get me wrong with what I am about to write, I am all for a diverse nation, a nation comprised of people from all ethnic backgrounds, however we must draw the line when it comes to elected representatives to the House of Commons (Parliament) and or provincial legislatures, that members are here to serve Canada, and not here to serve the political dreams of their genetic homelands.


Let’s back up a bit here first, note the usage of the name Jagmeet Singh and not Jagmeet Dhaliwal. ( the first obvious indicator this is about India and not Canada) During the election, Singh stopped using his surname, Dhaliwal (which is connected to caste), because he wanted to signal his rejection of the inequality inherent in the Indian caste system. Canada is the country that has the highest number of Sikhs in proportion to the population in the world at 1.4 per cent of Canada’s total population. It is also Jagmeet’s primary political base in Canada, landing him the most votes in ridings heavily populated with Sikhs, who are also at odds with the government of India.


I am fully aware and appreciate that the Sikh community represents all 3 parties in our parliament and many legislatures, but that is not my point here.


Now lets go back to “Our Canada is a place of racism” quote from Jagmeet Singh and “Muslims are not safe in this country” but complete silence in regards to the following, if Canada is such an unsafe place, then why are so many of his people coming to live in Canada?


“The State Department in its report listed more than a dozen significant human rights issues for India. Prominent among them are unlawful and arbitrary killings, including extrajudicial killings perpetrated by police; torture and cases of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment by some police and prison officials; arbitrary arrest and detention by government authorities; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; political and prisoners or detainees in certain states.” Mar. 30, 2021


Born to immigrant parents from the Indian state of Punjab, he endured racism while growing up in St. John’s and Windsor. His great grandfather, Seva Singh Thikriwala, was a towering figure among revolutionaries who fought against the British occupation of India. Singh chose not to display his surname of Dhaliwal—which in India often indicates membership in an affluent community of well-to-do landowning farmers.


and now “Our Canada is a place of racism” quote from Jagmeet Singh and “Muslims are not safe in this country


His ancestry lies in the upper class of his own countries caste system, and with the amount of attention Jagmeet has shown for the farmers, its hard not to think that he is using his political stage to fight the class wars in his own country, and worse, people like Taylor and Nathan are not calling him out for doing so. Jagmeet had a close relationship with his grandparents (farmers) and lived with them in his early years.


He did not have the same with his father, and his politics appear to be an reaction to his early childhood angers.


Is Jagmeet still fighting his ancestors wars against the British Empire? Is this why so many of his campaigns happen to appear as if by coincidence they are anti caucasian? That it appears the caucasian race are the primary evil people who colonized Canada? Is it my imagination or is it coincidence he opposes everything in Canada’s history that points to the accomplishments of anyone from the caucasian race? Is this why he is so silent about the new fad of erasing Canadian history and or monuments of caucasian leadership?



Did he get himself elected to get even with history? I am just asking the question, you decide.



After a year as a toddler living with his grandparents in India, Singh spent his early childhood in St. John’s and Grand Falls-Windsor, both in Newfoundland and Labrador, before relocating with his family to Windsor, Ontario. Singh has publicly discussed suffering sexual abuse as a child, as well as having a father who was alcoholic and abusive.


I am left pondering just how much of Jagmeet’s comments are a result of a reaction to his childhood? Some might argue its unfair to question his loyalty to Canada, while others rightfully can argue one would be insane not to.


Any evidence that racism is on the rise is deplorable and every racist incident must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. However, Singh does the cause of fighting racism no favours by taking an extreme and exaggerated position that I, as an immigrant and person of colour, cannot agree with. Are there racists in Canada? Sure. Is Canada a racist country? Absolutely not.



Rupa Subramanya: No, Jagmeet, Canada is not a racist country. It’s one of the most tolerant places on earth


So for Jagmeet Singh Jimmy Dhaliwal (leader of the NDP Party) to accuse Canada of being racist, appears to me that he is not in Ottawa to represent Canadians, more and more its appearing that he is anti-Canadian and is using his position to fight his ancestral battles.


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was asked by reporters Monday whether he supports cancelling Canada Day celebrations this year. His reply was one right out of Justin Trudeau handbook, instead of speaking his mind and telling the truth, his reply was dodge the ball reply ” “I believe every single day that we need to focus on reconciliation, that reconciliation has to be a priority,” he said, before pointing blame at the federal government for inaction on this file.”


Translated out of political bullcrap, that means I refuse to answer your question, lets talk about the painful history of Canada, I am enjoying that conversation where we can attack the white folks much more, lets talk about the ugly side of Canada and its roots instead, of celebrating the greatest nation on earth.


Shame on you Taylor Bachrach and Nathan Cullen, you just proved the NDP is in a deplorable state of affairs.

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