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Bye Bye Taylor Bachrach



Good Morning to all of you people up bright and early on a Good Friday morning.
As I do every morning, I read the news while I drink my morning coffee.


Well seems like the saying, give them enough rope and they will hang themselves is still a great cliché. Taylor Bachrach is more than just our MP, he also is representative of the New Democrats who have in their infinite wisdom tabled three very incredible resolutions.


Granted not all resolutions pass, but the mere fact that it is even allowed on the table is indicative on just how demented polices of that party have become. The question is in good faith could anyone in our riding (we do not get to vote in any other riding) vote for a party that wants to, wait for it, I will post it verbatim.


“An NDP government will commit to phasing out the Canadian Armed Forces,” the policy resolution states. “All members of the Canadian Armed Forces will be retrained, at the expense of the federal government, into civil service roles that help expand Canadian, provincial and municipal social services, such as expanded health care, education, community services, public transit and parks.”


OMG and if that was not enough, here is one more.


“Other policy resolutions to be debated at the convention include a motion to remove all Sir John A Macdonald statues from public spaces, abolishing Canada’s monarchy and pulling Canada out of NATO.”


And remember Annita McPhee and this?


“2006 – Bachrach donates nearly $500 to Cullen’s campaign. (How many twenty-somethings donate nearly $500 to elections campaigns?)

2011- Bachrach moves to Smithers.


2008 and 2011- Bachrach Communications is the single largest recipient (over $25,000) of payments from Cullen’s campaigns.


Somewhere during this time (I believe, closer to 2006) Bachrach’s wife (Michelle Larstone) is hired by Doug Donaldson as a constituency assistant.

2017- Donaldson becomes Minister, Michelle Larstone is immediately hired in a full time position at FLNRO.

2019- Bachrach is railroaded in past McPhee as the NDP candidate, Cullen works behind scenes to ensure his nomination, then actively campaigns for him. Bachrach is elected (large slide in NDP support) in October.”


Now imagine why on God’s earth would you do that to a First Nations woman with higher credentials than Taylor Bachrach. And during his first term in office have his own party put forward this resolution.


Hold your nose, here it comes.


WHEREAS electoral districts have options to include Indigenous representatives.
WHEREAS NDP are committed to addressing inequities of Indigenous peoples
WHEREAS Indigenous peoples are not representative of the community.
WHEREAS Indigenous peoples face barriers in participation of the NDP.


BE IT RESOLVED THAT all EDAs have three seats open for Indigenous representatives. If there
are any unfilled seats then it will be open to any of the aforementioned group.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT EDAs report back to the federal NDP Aboriginal Commission
of their work to become more inclusive of Indigenous peoples at their local riding.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT advanced notice at minimum of 30 days of an EDA’s AGM or
nomination meeting be publicly announced via newspapers and other means of social media.



Can you just smell the steam coming of that pile of horse manure? Recall how Annita McPhee was first shafted by Nathan Cullen and the near identical rule the BC NDP have on this issue?


Then we saw how Taylor Bachrach also shafted Annita McPhee with Nathan Cullen’s help.


Please get the message out, we are on the brink of a Federal spring election, are we going to re-elect the double standard white boys club? As a Caucasian I feel ashamed of how some of our people play First Nations to get votes.


Many thanks to the sources I forgot to name, I am out of time for today.


Have a Blessed Easter weekend.

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