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Nathan Cullen – When will you stand up for us?


NOTE: The image above is NOT social distancing.   Letter to editor from a frustrated reader.



You represent us in Victoria, and yet here we are with your governments new rules for churches, while your goverment denies local churches the same privilege.


The NDP apply these rules to religious people, “Dr. Bonnie Henry released the amended health order Tuesday, which says services can include up to 50 people, as well as people in 50 vehicles. Those attending in a vehicle must stay in their car.


For all intensive purposes, the ones in cars are not attending the service.


Then you allow this, where you can clearly see people standing shoulder to shoulder, with no requirements for those beyond the 50 person count having to remain in their cars.


You remain completely silent in regards to your constituents protesting COVID restrictions, but bring donuts to constituents who violate a Supreme Court injunction, what gives Cullen?


Nothing about the NDP plan is making any sense, you brag about loosening up the rules while breaking daily records in infection rates, on Friday, BC set a new record while you kids are saying all is great, were bringing BC back around to normal again.




This is such welcome news!
For our elders living in longterm care & their families today’s rule changes that will allow:
😀 now up to two visitors (plus a child)
😀 residents no longer have to be 2 m apart
😀 hugs!
😀 unsupervised visits

This is such welcome news!


Then we read this headline “B.C. records 908 new COVID-19 cases in second highest single-day tally yet”


Are you seriously so deluded or do you simply not care about your constituents?


If the video below was a church service they would all be arrested. What the hell is wrong with you Nathan? Your goverment allowed the protest below while not affording religion the same privilege, are you also an atheist out to get religious people? Why are you silent when you should be speaking out on behalf of “all” your constituents and not just those who agree with your politics, never in your past did you have a problem with speaking out, now a cat holds your tongue?





Now on a separate topic, I live in Hazelton and drive to Smithers on a routine basis to buy goods I require to stay alive. Why are our primary highways so full of dangerous potholes and ignored by the province. It is amazing more people do not have tire blowouts from this broken pavement, Its not just a few, the stretch between Witset and Smithers has literally hundreds of ignored holes in the road.





You are our goverment representative, please do your job and fix these unsafe highways.


I am really getting fed up with photo opportunist MLA’s who do nothing for the people of your riding. You are allowing peoples cars and trucks to take a terrible beating on their tires, suspensions, and ball joints, those trying to dodge the holes could end up in head on collisions, this is completely unacceptable, there should be daily evaluations done during spring breakup, not once a week or month as they are doing now.

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