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Gas Price jump, be thankful – Thank Taylor Bachrach



Be sure to show you gratitude to Taylor Bachrach who voted to keep the Liberals in power, voted to keep the tanker ban in place, so when you the consumer fills up the average tank of gas, remember you voted for paying almost 10 bucks a tankfull in taxes to the NDP supported Liberal Federal Government.


Now that we insure Alberta’s OIL cannot make it to market (again thank Taylor Bachrach) it insures Canada gets docked on the value of fuel by being forced to sell it below marker value to the USA.


The USA keeps our prices down, thanks to organizations like Tides and Dogwood in Canada (Taylor Bachrach is/was a member of Dogwood) that helped create the tankerban. If Canada was getting full value, it would also drive up the value of both our oil and gas exports, but also our Canadian Dollar would go up in value. The net result would be lower fuel costs for Canadians.


Almost everything you or I buy other than some food and milk comes from outside of Canada,with the lower value dollar costs you and me in the pocket book again, so please thank Taylor Bachrach for that, doing nothing about it is being complicit.


The current price on carbon translates to Canadians paying roughly an extra 2.3 cents per litre of gasoline, which is set to rise to an extra 12 cents per litre under the $50 per tonne pricing in 2022. Government officials speaking on background on Friday said the increase in the carbon tax after 2022 would translate to an increase of roughly 27.6 cents per litre from 2022 costs. That means Canadians can expect to pay roughly an extra 39.6 cents per litre of gasoline by 2030. Source: The carbon tax is going up. Here’s how much more you could pay at the pumps



We are seeing new headlines today like UPDATE: Big jump in Kelowna gas prices; Kamloops, Vernon, Penticton likely to follow and Gas prices expected to go up this week


So be sure to show your gratitude to Taylor Bachrach for taking the funds out of your grocery budget, at a time when we are losing jobs faster than snowflakes, Canada lost 213,000 jobs in January as lockdowns took a giant bite out of the job market.


Be sure to let him know how much you appreciate his assistance in shutting down Canada. You can contact him at

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