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Blatantly Irresponsible Behavior by the Extinction Rebellion

Forgive my morning rant, I am writing this long before I finished my first cup of coffee and I am so annoyed that my language is a strong refection of my anger.



Why is it not a criminal offence for Twitter to be hosting an invitation to commit a crime?


As a parent what goes through your head when you see this stuff? If my kids did this I would be ashamed to show my face in my community. These young adults have no idea of the meaning of responsibility, let alone respecting the rights of the society they live in, they are by every definition human trash.


It also bothers me that the police now seem to have a problem with doing their job, everything they do must now fit “perfection” Like they have to package these dirt bags in bubble wrap before arresting them. Enough is enough, if they break the law as a citizen I expect police to get out their riot gear with billy clubs and law down some serious law on them. As a society have we now become so fearful of social media that we do not even dare arrest criminals for fear of violating their rights?


Seriously Canada needs to pass laws, not restricting freedom of speech, but restricting social media giants from allowing their platforms to be used to organize criminal activity, like this. Twitter should face criminal charges for allowing posts like this.


More unbelievable is how these bastards are complaining about how their rights are being abused. The real abuse is the failure on their part to use the brains they were given, shame on the parents of these irresponsible jackasses. Below is a video they are circulating as bragging rights to their antics.


And yes those people who are screaming that it is not criminal, but actually allowable behavior, you are right, having said that its become high time to follow the actions of the Alberta Government.


“The Critical Infrastructure Defence Act, would protect essential infrastructure from damage or interference caused by blockades, protests or similar activities,” Bill 1 reads.  It received royal assent on the morning of June 17 and comes into effect immediately. It forbids anyone from “willfully destroying or damaging essential infrastructure” as well as “obstructing, interrupting or interfering” with the use of the same infrastructure. The law also applies to telecommunication lines, dams and mines. Individual offenders face a fine of $1,000 for a first infraction and up to between $10,000 and $25,000 for future violations. “



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