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Protecting Religious Hate Criminals


Just when you thought that 2020 had come to an end, and wished everyone a better New Year it gets topped by yet another “Liberal Ideology” or as my folks would say, we just entered next level stupidity. So why am I hear ranting?


As a retired gentleman (yes I open doors for women, even feminists) I read the news (and obituaries) each and every day, sometimes more per day, its winter and not every day is good for ice fishing. But this story made me really angry. One of the most effective tools against both pedophiles, thieves, and evil men and women in the world is shaming them in the news.


What type of Liberal cockroach would come up with the idea, that hiding the identity of 3 people who violated a church, in order to take pictures of themselves doing it, to post online, is a better way to protect society than publishing their faces so the public can identify these low down creeps?


“Edmonton police have laid two charges against a 25-year-old man in connection to a hate crime at Edmonton’s Santa Maria Goretti church.


Police say on Dec. 13, a man allegedly interrupted the service with offensive comments and gestures. He also filmed the incident, before posting it on social media.


Edmonton Police say the video has since been removed, and the man was charged with mischief and mischief to religious property, a hate crime under the Criminal Code of Canada.”


““The Archdiocese of Edmonton is grateful for the ongoing support of the Edmonton Police Service. The fact that one of the charges — mischief to religious property — is considered a hate crime, shows the seriousness of the incident,” the statement reads.”


“In its own statement, EPS wrote: “Police have made the decision not to release the suspect’s name in order to avoid contributing to social media notoriety and encouraging copycat events.”


Seriously? Protecting offenders of a hate crime is a service to religious people in Canada?

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