Scams and Rip-Offs

Northern Gas Prices Ripoff

Northern Gas Prices Ripoff


We received a letter asking us to review the price of gas, with a comment that said some stations, in particular Smithers are price gouging travelers and locals. The argument of cost of transportation, simply holds no water. The lowest prices are in Prince George, fair enough its also where the refinery is.


Regarding the cover image, I recall seeing that one in Hazelton a few years back.


But try to explain why Smithers is priced higher than Prince Rupert, Terrace, Kitimat, or Hazleton, its a crap shoot, they are simply sticking it to the consumer, price gouging.


The most frightening aspect is this same industry is asking us to trust them when it comes to building pipelines, then shafts the very people they are asking, we support industry, but we refuse to beat around the bush, we have a right to protect ourselves from being ripped off.



As of today the numbers look like this.


Prince Rupert – 1.18.9 per liter
Terrace – 1.13 per liter
Kitimat – 1.13 per liter
Hazelton – 1.10.9 per liter
Smithers – 1.19.9 per liter
Telkwa – 1.19.9 per liter
Houston – 1.15 per liter
Burns Lake – 1.13.9 per liter
Fraser Lake  – not available
Vasnderhoof – 1.12 per liter
Prince George – 1.05 per liter
Prince George Costco – 99.9 per liter


Scary idea, but I can see why people would do this, the difference is so insane its worth the risk.

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