Scams and Rip-Offs

The Great Turkey Ripoff



Yeah, your right if you think this is not for real. This one was what “Food Lion” in the USA is selling them for in USD.


Has anyone aside from me noticed the COVID pricing over last year when turkey was selling for 99 cents a lb at No Frills and 97 cents a lb at Safeway. Now the price comes back at a staggering 100% increase in cost. What gives with the pricing, this is prior to the new transport costs added on by Justin Trudeau with his addon carbon tax?


Dirty deals people “Freeland said: “We are raising the wage subsidy back to a maximum of 75 per cent” Then they have the gall to double the prices.


Sorry no turkeys around here selling for 39 cents a lb.



To top it all of they also get employee COVID grants to insure they make even more money, leaving a debt so large your grand kids will not even be able to pay it off in their lifetime.


If anyone knows where to buy turkeys priced at fair prices, be sure to write to us and let us know.



Now selling DOUBLE the price of last year.



This story was submitted to us by a resident of Smithers, let us know what other local communities in the north are selling them for. (People living between Haida Gwaii and Prince George.)


Give us all a heads up in the comments below.


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